Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nafaria's Lessons #3-Webkinz...?

I'd never think I'd actually not play this game as much as I did before. Sadly, this terrible thing is coming true.

This game I am mentioning is the reason I'm here today, blogging, clicking, typing, any kind of computerish stuff, basically. Whenever I think about this certain game I also get a guilty feeling about betraying it. Only, I did NOT betray it.

Okay, maybe a little.

Do any of you people play Webkinz?

I have for 5 years. But those 5 years changed when I was introduced to Animal Jam. I gradually began to drift away from Webkinz.....

Until I had the opportunity to make a blog.

Since I had been playing Animal Jam a lot more than I did with Webkinz, I decided to show Webkinz that I still cared about them. Hey, I'm super protective of my stuffed animals. In fact, I treat them like they have feelings!

Anyway, I basically just made my blog about Webkinz. I posted cool tips and tricks daily throughout the summer. My blog was called "Webkinz Whip". Unfortunately, I had only gotten 251 views that entire summer.

I decided to spice things up by adding cool gadgets to the blog. I included the Followers gadget, and 2 people (pupp1266 and I) followed it.

I decided to add some MORE blaze to the blog by completely changing the subject of the blog.

Let me rephrase that. Sorry. I didn't mean completely.

I changed the blog to be about AJ, not Webkinz, but I still posted cool recipes and stuff like that whenever I felt like it.

As my blog got more views and comments, I was swept away into the miniature career of blogging about AJ and not Webkinz. I no longer do Recipe of the Month because of this.

I really, really, really want to get back into the relationship I once had with this game, so I logged on a few weeks ago and went shopping around Webkinz World (I almost typed in Jamaa). I saw one, big issue....


Yup. In Webkinz, Deluxe is Membership. Back when I was Deluxe, there was only several features. Now Webkinz's turned into a MADHOUSE! Not only this clothing issue, but they keep on making Deluxe-only themed room sets. They also have been taking away plush and putting them in the Retired pile. :(

This is a general reason WHY I haven't been on Webkinz:

There's only about 10 clothes to buy in the ENTIRE STORE! And the KinzStyle Outlet is a way bigger store than Jam Mart Clothing!

This is super unfair. 

Today I was at the library and noticed a girl on the computer playing Webkinz. I felt that sickening, guilty feeling again, but then I asked myself an unknown question:

WHY do people even PLAY Webkinz anymore? It's so unfair to me!

I admit that I will always love Webkinz no matter if I ever play it again, because it reminds me of my early childhood. I will take all my wits to protect 60 plushies if I have to.

The main reason for that is because I know that I'd choose Blackie, my black stuffed dog, over AJ. That makes me want to choose ALL my stuffed animals over AJ. I know that they're both games that are very fun, but you need your life more than you need an account on a game, right?

Here's the lesson today:

There IS no lesson! Figure it out for yourself! 



  1. i used to play webkinz but then i forgot my passcode and user-cyacheer

  2. nafaria I'm really telling the truth and I promise this is true incase you don't believe me. I played webkinz when I was young. The good old days when webkinz came out. My pug plush was my first. Anyway now I visit webkinz a few times to mine those gems at the curio shop and do the daily events like the wishing well and all that. But since I played when I was very young when I was young there was no scamming. It was just buying pets from the store 'in real life' and buying stuff for your house and making your house bigger and better. At least there is no scamming in webkinz. I hope there is no hacking in webkinz now. I really don't know any changes in webkinz anymore but webkinz is also a special game to me. :D

  3. Lesson to ganz and ajhq: MEMBERSHIPS ARE ANNOYING! -Popy2750


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