Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cheetahs, Contests, and Conservation

Hey Jammers! The update is today, as you may have guessed....
(Pictures from Animal Jam Times.)

The Cheetah has arrived! Yay! Only one bad thing....

It's in the Diamond Shop.

Oh, well, don't worry, myself. I'll get a Cheetah soon.

Really great, AJHQ. In the last view weeks you've been a bit too dumb-minded. Sorry.

I'll miss those giant plushies and animal banners. Seriously, who wants a dead chicken on their head!?

Does anyone need to be reminded of those pets? 

Oh, and that video looks pretty cute. :3

Yup. We hear ya, AJ. Does anyone not know this?

Finally! Something new. I love the picture of the polar bear! I love polar bears. I call them "Pobies". ^.^

Don't you agree that Animal Jam should make a polar bear avatar in the future? I do.

Oh, and the new item, lastly.

Anyway, that's the main thing for today. There's also some new JAGS to send, but I'll post them tomorrow. Today's post has already been filled, hasn't it?

As a side note, we've reached 25,000 views! No party until 30,000 views, sorry. But that means I'll put up a little contest tomorrow! How's that?

ANOTHER side note! Edwingrim2 is having mailtime! She'd love it if you could send her a gift or two. Also, visit her blog, Juniper's Animal Jam Grove

And a last side note. Does anybody have any offers for a Beta Bubblegum Machine? Everyone in Aldan thinks it's the store-bought kind, so they decline. :T It's really tough when you've got an almost-exact copy of an item being offered, isn't it? NOT! Unless you're in a hurry, I guess.

Anyway, any offers?

Well....besides you may see a Cheetah version of me within the next week, that's the end of the post! Happy Jamming!


  1. Thanks, Nafaria. :3
    First comment! Yes!!!
    Don't you think that AJHQ should release deer?

  2. I thought you were against mailtime..

    anyways. I made you a header.
    It's obviously not for halloween :P

  3. In 2 weeks what should I get? A cheetah or kangaroo? Tell me what you think. Also my brother avalanche25000 has a cheetah.-cyacheer

  4. Hi! We were talking earlier and somehow the chat didn't pop up. I said I really liked your blog. :D


    1. @edwingrim2

      Yes, deer would ROCK!


      Edwingrim2 asked me to advertise in a post, so I did.


      It's up to you! I personally think you could get a cheetah and be called the Cyacheetah, or you could get a kangaroo and become a moonwalk master.


      Thank you! :3

  5. I do wish pobies will be a new, incoming animal, too :p. Oh, and maybr caribous, too? Or another flying animal, available for all Jammers? :-D


    1. "Oh, and *maybe*..." sorry for the error! ~♥biamorawesome♥~


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