Thursday, October 24, 2013

Quick Update!

Hello Jammers! I'm so sorry I couldn't post at all earlier! I've had a rough day with afternoon activities and school. I will try to be more on time! Anyway, the update is today, and unfortunately, today's post will be pictureless. The update comes with an all-new and exciting adventure, with a scheme of a tower. There is also a new buddy game joining thingy, and I believe there's a glitch to it. The last main important thing is that there is a new Scorpion Armor!

So, go and...uhh....yeah, bye!


  1. that sound cool about today updates!-cyacheer

  2. you also forgot the candy bowl

  3. I won the adventure 3 times! the first 2 time i got gems but the last i got a Mira elblem!-cyacheer


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