Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Phantom Coffins and Pumpkins

Hello! Today's new items are a Coral Phantom Statue and a Scared Pumpkin.

I like the statue. It 

Also, here's a super fast glitch I found! 

Sealy05 has traded places with Robin? O.o 

So...ummm.....yeah. All for now. Bye! Don't forget to enter the contest! It ends today! 


  1. cool glitch and the coral phantom statue looks cool. I also had a glitch when I recycled some of my items they were still in my den! strange isn't it? well got lots of homework to do bye!-cya

  2. The coral phantom statue looks a little... Odd...

  3. Lol! - xXRobinHoodXx

  4. LOL!! I turned into xXRobinHoodXx O.o

  5. Where the heck do you get the pumpkins?!?!!?

    1. The Mystery Emporium, which is at the top floor of the Chamber of Knowledge.


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