Monday, October 28, 2013

Photos and Rare Scary Elf Cuffs

Hi Whippers! I finally managed to wake up early on a weekday. ^.^ Today is after all Rare Item Monday, so the RIM for today is....

Rare Scary Elf Cuffs! I very much like these. Too bad for the price, and I wish it were for every Jammer. But since Elf Cuffs are Member, it wouldn't make sense for this pair to be NM, would it?

I've been looking at the blog and we're halfway to 30,000 views! Yay! :D

Hmm...oh, yeah. :P It's Jammer of the Week and Weekly Animal Fact! This week's picked Jammer is edwingrim2!

Edwingrim2 is a very fun person to play with and talk to. She always finds a way of understanding your biggest problems, and she's a great blogger!

Don't worry, I've got y'all scheduled for some week in the future. The SOON future.

Anyway, here's this week's WAF about migration.

Whoa! I didn't know that lobsters migrated. 

Speaking of migration, have any of you seen the geese fly by? They're on their yearly migration trip. Bye bye, birds. I hope you don't run into any windows.....

Oh, the things you can learn from Animal Jam. :3

I've also been taking a few more photographs lately:

Sort of blurry. The flowers are quite pretty, though.

Flowers on the side of my neighbor's house.

A flower on a rock with a petal sitting beside it.

I especially love this one. I took it at sundown.

Black and white lamppost!

Our tree.

Yesterday we collected leaves around the block, and took them back to our yard and made a huge pile.

The we jumped in them, covered ourselves in leaves, and made leaf-angels. Hey, I was born crazy!

Those leaves look too brownish to be leaves. They look more like oatmeal. o.o Yum!

That's the Whip for today!


  1. Heehee! I was born crazy too! XD
    Nice photos! My camera battery died -.- and it doesn't charge unless you put something like a dictonary (spelling?) on the charger. Really annoying.


  2. Cool rare today! Oh did the scorpion tail come out?!?!? Please tell me! Nafi awesome photos! I wish I had an email account so then I could send you pictures of Lucky! Oh can someone help me get white tail armor for my buddy? Hers got scammed ;(-cya

  3. Your blog is so cool!! I look at it every day!! Some blogs get kinda old once you look at them a bunch, but definitely not this one!! ;)


  4. Thanks for featuring me! :3
    It was really nice.


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