Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Whip Experts

Hey Jammers! I'm sorry I couldn't post earlier. I am quite angry and in a bad mood at the moment because I said I didn't like burritos, so my brother pushed me down for just stating my opinion! Without thinking, I furiously pushed HIM down, and he ran to his room. Now my grandma is not only being annoying to my brother by lying and saying that I said I'm sorry, but she's annoying me as well by giving all the sympathy to him! Grrrr.....

Anyway, the new item's pictures will be from Animal Jam Times! Here are the new items:

Superhero Cape! :D
Pumpkin Head!

Lastly, Scary Antlers!

Which do you enjoy best? Too bad they're only Member items.

What happened to everyone yesterday? Only one person commented, and that was an agreeing comment from RainbowCat1 on a post. Mentioning Rainbow made me realize that some of our viewers have very special skills! Yes, yes, I know for sure that y'all have special talents and skills, but I'd like to mention ones that I find very clear:
RainbowCat1 is an expert on adventures! She knows the boxes for nearly every prize in each adventure. She knows all of the tasks and where to go!

Avalanche25000 is an expert on glitches! I can always count on him to find out cool, funny, and new glitches to the Glitches tab!

That's all I can think of for now. Until then, happy jamming!


  1. Yay! i can comment again on my computer! and now i can buy scary horns-cyacheer

  2. Nafaria, sorry your grandma was annoying, but grandma's want everyone to be happy. Idea, Animal Jam needs a den where animals who need a animal sitter can drop off their pets and grandma's can take care of them. Yeah Animalclip

  3. Hi! I couldn't even look at your blog yesterday or go on AJ yesterday because my computer was knocked off from wifi! Anyway I never even thought about scary horns returning. So if these rares go out then like in September2014 I could trade them off. Its just like i'm so happy because I stocked up my raccoon tails when you told me that summer carnival would end. :D

  4. Also I saw what rainbowcat1 had commented. I agree. Like before I got hacked I had a worn. It was a green one from the adventures. So since I had like worns and pirates and all that I was a rare addict once. I really wanted to get more rares and be the rarest person in AJ so I really wanted to scam. But I thought again and thought about what will happen if I scam everyone. Just as you posted. Banning,Quitting,Scamming,Hacking and other bad stuff. So I didn't. From that since I didn't think AJ wasn't about rares I was ready when I got hacked by(?). So that made me think again and thought that quitting doesn't make a difference to your rares. So I just started collecting rares for fun. I play AJ for fun not for rares and I think jammers should not be scammers or quitters because rares.


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