Monday, October 7, 2013

Contest Winner, JOTW, and WAF

For the World Animal Day mini contest, you had to find as much facts from videos, Journey Book, and clicky-things from around Jamaa. Only two people entered, and only ONE of them included their username. So cyacheer is our winner! You receive a Rare Star Cape. :3 It will be sent from a storage account, not me.

Now, this week's Jammer of the Week for this week is....

Avalanche is a great item collector and AJ's ultimate master of glitches. I'm glad to have a reader that knows so much! Thanks for viewing the blog!

I've got oakhill13 signed up for next week, and edwingrim signed up for the following week after oakhill13. Then partyanimalzz after edwingrim, and....we'll have to wait and see who's next.

This week's Weekly Animal Fact is.....


Nice Halloweeny fact!



  1. Congrats Avalanche! - xXRobinHoodXx

  2. Avalanche, I love your username! Though I wouldn't love it as much if I was in a REAL avalanche. :P

  3. Thanks Nafaria,Robin,Edwin,&Airlec. You guys or so nice and AWESOME!!!!!!!! Nafaria why did I not win the contest? I had more facts. Just wondering though.-Avalanche25000 P.S oakhill13 is my sister same as cyacheer

    1. I would have picked you if you put your username in your comment. You had amazing facts!


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