Monday, March 23, 2015

Lucky Voting #7 - Vote Out Two People!

The final few rounds of the Lucky Fashion Show are upon us! Vote out two people today. Good luck everyone!


  1. I'll vote Lucky Happyjammer. And why are there two pictures of Infinity Coolgirl?

    1. Oh, I thought I was supposed to vote out just one person. In that case, I'll vote for the bunny on the bottom right corner as well.

  2. I vote out Snow Leopard and Mr. Unnamed Bunny. Or Ms. Unnamed Bunny. Sorry guys. You did great. Can't wait for the round 7 results!

  3. vote out Major Shiverflower and Victory SunnyMoon - Sorry Good Job Princess DaiseyRoo

  4. I vote out lucky berryfox and victory sunnymoon, sorry

  5. Lucky Berryfox and victory sunny moon

  6. I vote out Lucky Berryfox and Mythical Icypaw. Sorry to whoever you guys are!

    The final three are coming upon us c:
    Anyways, there's 2 Infinity Coolgirls XD

  7. I vote out Snow Leopard and Lucky Berryfox.

  8. I vote out major and the other bunny
    Sorry you guys


  9. lucky berryfox and the bunny, sorry you guys did great! --animalclip

  10. I vote out the two bunnies that actually have names. Sorry guys I have to admit everyone did a GREAT JOB!!! :-) I'm really sorry for the people that got voted out. I'm proud of the people that are still in the contest. Great job, everyone! :-) and thx to everyone who participated in the contest, I really am proud of u! :-)


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