Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day, everyone! :D Pi is not only a super important number in mathematics, but it's super awesome, too! And that's why we celebrate it every year on March 14th. ^-^

This year's Pi Day is very special, because the first five numbers of Pi are 3.1415, and that's today's date! :o Celebrate Pi Day while you can, because a Pi Day like this won't occur for another century (100 years).

But, to keep the festivities alive, there are some limited-edition Pi Items available in Jam Mart Furniture!

The best part? They're all Non-Member and absolutely adorable! >3<

All right, now I have to go and get started on other stuff, the like contest. :p

I leave you with a little challenge I came up with:

Pi Day Challenge: How many digits of Pi can you memorize?

Comment them below!

Bye Jammers! c:


  1. I cant memorize any of them XD, im very happy that the pi day item are for no member! Happy pi day!! ^,^

  2. The most I've ever memorized in my life is the first 8 digits: 3.141592 :P

  3. 3.141592653 (pi)
    I like the Pi Pie XD Iif you buy a light teal Pi Pie it's a mint Pi Pie!!! :D

  4. 3.1415926535 I have remembered that much!-cyacheer

  5. OMG I did a contest yesterday in class.
    about 33. I didn't look at the thing to get this. I remembered a lot from yesterday :)

  6. I have to buy some Pi items but I don't have much gems:(

  7. I actually memorized the entire thing before.
    Then I forgot it.
    Argh, gotta remember.


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