Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring Is Almost Here! ^.^

Hello everyone! How has your fine day been? It's supposed to be really warm today. ^_^ Strangely enough, it's been warm this whole month. o.o Spring is on its way!

I love spring. Fresh air, flowers, cute bizzy bumblebees, sprinklers . . .

Speaking of spring, the Epic Tree is growing little buds! >3<

I can't wait for the rest of the tree to bloom. *o*

Anyway, before I begin the post, I have a question for you all.

Would you rather have daily posts with all of the daily updates like the new item and/or new video with a few side topics (glitches, graphics, etc.), or posts like they are now?

Comment your opinion

Meanwhile, I've made a GIF of the new item today. :p I'm so proud of myself.

It even looks like the pinwheels are spinning as the pictures fly by!

Lastly, here is a graphic I created of a pink bunny jumping in midair. owo

Sorry if it's kinda messy. I tried. XD

See ya!


  1. Yay! I can't wait till spring's here! I've grew tired of the cold weather. In the past week, it's been really sunny and a little bit warmer. Can't wait to play in the rain. >:D

  2. Hey, Naffy? I just started a blog, it's called the Animal Jam Leaf. So... Do you mind viewing it? The web address is Thanks!

  3. I want daily posts about the new updates and items but it's what's best for you.

  4. I think you should stick to the way posts are now, since almost all the other AJ blogs just do that same other format. It gets boring owo

  5. Posting daily is a hassle, plus you'll most likely run out of ideas
    //but i dont mind it if you post pics of levi and jellal

    1. Now THAT would be an interesting post! *o*

      //watches 2 hours of Fairy Tail while should be doing homework crud. (I'm not that great at being a homework role model. Wait what? XD)

      But wait. I have a question! Does Naffy watch Fairy Tail and/or Attack on Titan??? If not, how can she post about the epicalness and fantabulousness sweg???? ;O;

      I'm debating if I should click the next episode or not. <.< >.> *clicks* ;w;

    2. Nah she doesnt
      I remember back on AJ I annoyed everyone with my fabulousness of fangirlshiness of levi haha
      Omg just jump to episode 154 for a major jerza moment
      But jelly bean hun ruins it all
      Hes still hot tho <3

    3. Everyone here is watching all these cool animes and here I am drawing random scribbles that make no sense

    4. What is this "Attack on Titian" and "Fairy tail" stuff? I keep seeing more and more people talk about it o.o

    5. I draw cruddy sketches in my sketchpad when the anime has its stupid advertisements that are very loud yet at low volume. :p

      Attack on Titan. Ah yes. Very violent indeed. Mk. So it's about this world where basically all the humans that haven't died from the Titans, live in this enclosed area where there are 3 walls. The ones inside the walls are humanity's last survivors. The Titans (usually) roam outside of these 3 walls that surround humanity. But one day this so called Colossal Titan comes and attacks everything. But then this dude, Eren, is all like: I'M GONNA KILL ALL THE TITANS!!!!!!" and then goes with his friends, Mikasa and Armin, to this training area where they train to fight the Titans. Levi is the commander of the Survey Corps. That's all I'll say. owo

      Fairy Tail. Yes, yes! Epically swag indeed. Very, very. Yes, yes. So it's about this world where there are magical guilds, right? So one of them (the main one in the show, if one had to guess) is called Fairy Tail. So aye, aye.. One day, this girl named Lucy Heartfilia (hope I spelled that correctly :3) finds the Fairy Tail guild as she is looking for a new home. There she meets these incredible people who become her best friends. They're also wizards, like Celestial, Fire, Ice..... And then they go on various and many missions against others who threaten the guild. It has lots of feels, as well. Jellal is this guy who had this deep past relationship with this one other main character. Very complex, aye! That's all I'll say so I don't give out spoilers. owo


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