Friday, March 6, 2015

Clover Armor + Funny Friday

Hi! When the update arrived yesterday, I forgot to mention the new Clover Armor in the Diamond Shop.

Lovely set of armor, isn't it? It especially looks good on cheetahs, as shown in the model here.

Muy elegante! Very elegant. =3

And for today's Funny Friday, I have a knee-slapping (heh - not really xD) joke about plushie collectors. Don't worry, it's not offensive. owo

It's true! I remember being one of those people. ^_^

Oh, and one more thing - this weekend (probably tonight or tomorrow, not certain) you can expect a party invitation and a contest! :D

Bye-bye! :)


  1. Lol! I wonder if they will make a otter plushie, polar bear, hyena plushie, and owl plushie

  2. Oh my gosh! I just noticed when you buy a racoon and you go to the eye button if you look closely you can see that the racoons eyes are dark green! and that color is not an option! :O

  3. Hey Naffy, im REALLY sorry for not being on. I hope ya haven't forgotten me! xD
    ~Moonstar88745 ze fab


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