Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Celtic Symbols

Da duit! That's Irish for good day, or hello. St. Patrick's Day (Lucky Day) is growing nearer and nearer with every rising and setting of the sun. To prepare you den for the festivities, head on over to the Lucky Party! Every item you need to put together a wonderful, relaxing, natural home is found there. ^.^

But there's more to the Lucky Party than clovers and golden coins. If you examine the wall on the far right side of the building, you might see a symbol carved into a stone circle.

This symbol is a Celtic Knot! Celts were people living in Ireland and other parts of Europe during the Middle Ages. Celtic Knots are used in art, jewelry, and illuminated manuscript.

There is also a Celtic Knot in the center of the pot o' gold.

How many different Celtic Knots can you find? :3


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