Saturday, March 7, 2015

Princess Bed

Hey there! How has your Saturday been so far? ^-^ It's still quite early for me.

Today I wanted to talk about an unreleased item: the Princess Bed.

Yeah, most people already know this item exists (or did exist), including myself. I just never found a time to post about it.

Remember, all information in this post is kind of outdated, since word about the Princess Bed started spreading around early November 2014.

The first person (and also possibly the only person) to own this royal item was a girl named Whenlifegivesyouice.

Here it is in her den:

Looks pretty comfy, doesn't it? o3o

Here is its icon:

Very interesting!

Do you like the Princess Bed? Comment your opinion below.

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See ya later!


  1. Cool! ^.^ I like the princess bed, though it is a bit to 'human' for Jamaa, I think.

  2. Replies
    1. How does that look like a marshmallow? o-o

  3. I really like it! I would definitely get it. I wish I had it :(

  4. lol i bet they took it away cuz people were being inapropriate

    1. People can still be inappropriate wit or without a bed,

  5. i just saw one!!! its in pinksparl's den!!! aj if ur reading this I REALLY WANT ONE AND EVERYONE DOES PLZ BRING THEM BACK IT WOULD BE SO EPIC

  6. i just saw one!! its in pinksparl;s den!

  7. omg i just saw one in pinksparl's den!!! we all reall want one and aj if ur litening WE ALL REALLY WANT ONE IF U GOT ONE IT WOULD BE SO EPIC PLZ BRING THEM TO STORES PLZ!!!

  8. Well ppl were being bad and doing bad stuff on them just bc they were ''beds'' not couch beds and so that is why they took them out.

    1. Well, why did they remove the item itself instead of just banning the people who used it inappropriately? A lot of people would just sleep on it like they were supposed to! It is a rare exception that someone would do something like that! The same thing goes for the paint paw prints! While some people COULD use a red coloration to make it look like there are bloodstains on the floor, that doesn't mean you shouldn't release it in red at all! AJHQ should at least give us a chance to prove we won't abuse it!

  9. Doesn't AJHQ know that people could use couches as beds???


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