Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Flaming Truth

Nearly a week or two ago, the popular Flaming Jack-O'-Lantern Masks were released in the Shiveer Shoppe.

I was getting my animals ready for the winter season by purchasing some clothes when I came across that exact item.

Then it hit me-

This item was based off the Headless Horseman!

If you haven't got a clue who the Headless Horseman is, I suggest reading The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving.

The protagonist in the novel is Ichabod Crane, the new schoolmaster. Later on in the book, he is chased away out of Sleepy Hollow (the town) by the villainous character, the Headless Horseman.

Nobody knows what happened to Ichabod after the Headless Horseman threw a flaming pumpkin straight at him. He probably ended up dying, as nothing was left of him but a smashed pumpkin.

Do you see any other items that remind you of a certain person?


  1. Interesting...


  2. The dual swords look like the 3DMG swords in aot


  3. Nafaria, do you have a spare red long collar? I accidently traded mine for another pink long. I meant to trade my yellow long, though I guess I wasn't paying attention and traded my red long. Please, if you do have a red long, I could trade my pink long and some other things for it. I really need it back :(

    1. I don't, I'm sorry. :c

      (P.S. Aren't spikes dangerous? They're spiky...)

    2. Nvm... I traded my pink long and blue long for a red long. I guess i'll be stuck with a red long and pink long forever...


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