Friday, November 28, 2014

Non-Member, Member, and Back Again

(Picture from the Animal Jam Flash)

The string of leaves, a wonderful autumn item, was released several weeks ago. Then, AJHQ decided to swap it from a Non-Member decoration to a Member decoration, which really ticked a lot of people off.

They did the same thing with the Raccoon Topiary. First, it came out as a Non-Member item, then they switched it to a Member item. :T

Well, now AJHQ switched to BACK to a Non-Member item! This is great, but totally confusing.

AJHQ just can't make up their minds, can they?


  1. LOL. AJHQ is messed up.


  2. I have a raccoon topiary, I thought it was very unfair when they made it member.

  3. Well, HELLO? They're AJHQ. It's not their job to make their minds up. And they don't do anything that isn't their job

  4. Um, the String of Leaves is currently nonmember. :3

    1. Yeah, I know. That's why I posted this. The item went from NM to Member and back to NM.


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