Thursday, November 13, 2014

:o Dug :P


  1. You are really into Up, aren't you? XD

    1. I've watched that movie for about 6 times. o.o One thing that really interested me was the high-tech collars. They allowed the dog to say what the dog was thinking. Weird and cool.

    2. Hey, ca? Think that's weird? I saw this movie one or two times in Spanish last year. (Yeah, it was for Spanish class. Sometimes it's in Spanish annotations and English in the movie; and done times it's in English annotations and Spanish in the movie. Either way, it's still very confusing. XD)

      I saw Up many times before that, as well. In English for both. X3

      Oh ok. It's Dug! K. :P

      Dug's collar is just epic. 'Nuf said.

  2. From what is probably my favorite movie ever ♥︎

  3. I love that movie! Dug (or Doug) is SUUU CUTE!


  4. I know- I LOVE UP SO MUCH! Such a good story, unlike a lot of movies for kids that have really lame plots- Up is so cute, funny, adorable, sweet, kind of sad and very awesome! XD

    1. I agree! :D
      I think that the first time I watched it, I became teary-eyed in the beginning.
      KEVIN!!! 8O
      ( ^^ random Up thoughts that came to mind just now c;)

      Ah yes. Back on my Up-in-Spanish topic (:3), I also had to draw Russell (from Up- duh! o3o) for that class last year. So basically last year in Spanish class, I had to do this project on this movie. And in Spanish. X3
      (Hahahaha- nobody cares, Cutepups..)


  5. fuzzhead Peace, Love, and UNICORNS!!November 14, 2014 at 3:33 PM

    DUUUUG! <3
    Love that movie, I wish they will make a second one <3

  6. I remember in grade 1 or2 I had the chicken pocks so my uncle came over and my sis was gone same with my mom and dad but my brother was still home so we had pizza and maybe popcorn and we watched up lol


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