Saturday, November 29, 2014


Ever since the Daily Explorer got a new author, the posts have been kind of jittery lately.

Take a look at this one:

Notice the punctuation? It's RIDICULOUS! Either that, or AJHQ sounds way too over-excited, like their heads are gonna blow up. And sometimes I don't think AJHQ is that happy as they seem...

Anyway, they never use periods or ANYTHING besides exclamation marks and question marks. I've also noticed that they use at least three of each punctuation mark they use. >.<

Seriously. I thought SBI employees went to school! At least they could TRY to make their posts less crappy, and start working on making them look NICE! 8U

Their grammar is getting worse than the News Crew entries they pick. No offense, but from what I've seen, they choose articles written by 5-year-olds.

Enough of my rant... blech.


  1. No kidding! I was ranting about this ever since they started using too much punctuation in a row and overly-excited words.

  2. I agree they use to many !!! And ???? And !?!?!?!??!

  3. ajhq need to go back to 5th grade XD

  4. Totally agreed.

  5. after dont forget there should be a comma not 3 of these !

  6. Yep, AJHQ sounds way too much excited. It's fine to use !!! or ??? or ?!?! once or twice in each post, but I think they are overdoing it.

  7. Yeah, I totally agree on that. They should really tone down on the !!!s and everything. I just got annoyed when I read that post...


  8. Ohh.. I thought it was just me who thinks that some of the News Crews articles are poorly written. XD


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