Thursday, November 27, 2014

Mailtime Rant

When we see a bunch of gifts packed in our mailboxes, nobody can resist getting excited.

That's why someone by the name of Julian2 created an event called "mailtime".

This tradition has stuck on Jamaa ever since Julian's first mailtime video, and now a lot of people are doing it.

So, what exactly IS mailtime?

Mailtime is where you send a person gifts. If you're feeling generous, sometimes you might send them really good gifts, like a Beta item. Generosity is what makes these videos popular. The better the gifts, the more views you get.

Mailtime is just a way for people to get free stuff, and sometimes even fame.

But mailtime has its downsides, too.

1. Most of the people who do mailtime are very greedy. If they don't get anything good in their mailbox, they start to whine and make a big deal out of it.

2. Let's say you're a famous YouTuber, and you have a lot of gifts in your mailbox. As you open them, you notice many of the gifts you were sent are store-bought items, so you decide to decline and recycle the gifts you were given. That's NOT okay. Some people can't afford all those big rares you expect. You're trashing Jammers' hearts by the click of a button.

3. Not all people do this, but a lot of them don't send thank-you cards back to the people who gave them gives. Now, if they have over 200 presents in their mailbox, it would be more convenient to just say a big thank-you at the end of the video. Still, people are too lazy and snotty to just say TWO WORDS. TWO. WORDS!

4. Some people have taken advantage of mailtime. They literally scam you by going out in Jamaa and saying, "Send me gifts for mailtime!". Well, chances are, they don't even have a YouTube account. They're just begging for rares.


Animal Jam is NOT about becoming famous, collecting rares, and all of that crap the community says it is.

It's about the simple things - friends, fun, learning, and happiness.

I've always thought of rares like money. Basically EVERYONE wants money, with some exceptions here and there.

But you can't always have what you want.

And you can't expect to be happy with money all the time, even if you were the richest man on Earth.

Mailtime is one of the dumbest, stupidest things ever created on Animal Jam, in my opinion.

I admit, I used to do mailtime, but only once or twice. Then I discovered the true meaning of it, so I quit doing it. I'm glad I did, too.

What do YOU think of mailtime?


  1. i hate mailtime when someone is doing it i just send them a necklace saying your scaming XD and they way to tell if they are a you tuber is to look them up.

  2. Yes, the whole point of mailtime is wrong.

  3. I don't like mail time much. I only do mail time if I happen to get a lot of gifts from my buddies or something, and I try to never get rid of their item. Also, no matter how time consuming and no matter how "unrare" the item they sent me was, I always really really try to send a thank you back with a small present :)

  4. He didnt invent mailtime
    Mailtime has been on youtube (not just on aj) for a long time
    The things isnt about receiving gifts
    Its about opening them and stuff
    You did mailtime before too
    Just saying

    1. Hey Mythy, did you bother to read the part where I said I did do mailtime but I stopped because I discovered the true meaning of it? It's pointless and stupid. Do you really think I'm greedy?

    2. I honestly dont think youre greedy
      But im just pointing it out...

  5. I completely agree with you. I met this guy who said they were doing mail time in Jamaa, (This was when I first joined) I was asking the guy, 'What is that'? He said, 'It's where people get to become famous and awesome while making a video'. I was like, 'Oh, cool' I didn't think it was that cool.. but I thought it was quite interesting.. He was like 'I know that you're not member, but could you trade me your bestest item' I thought to myself, that's not even a word. LOL. But I decided it would be kinda cool to see if I would be in his video. He was like, trade me your best item, please! I put an item on trade'. I didn't have any rares, so I told him all I had was a pillow LOL. He told me to trade me at least 5 pillows, I got excited and didn't see the scam coming my way. Before I could blink, he accepted and ran away. Before I traded he said Google my channel name, Monkey gorilla star. Looked it up along with aj on the end since he would most likely make Youtube videos, he didn't come up. I was devastated that somebody would do that..
    -A scammed Carrot

  6. I like doing mailtime just for the fun of it not for the RARES but I like getting new items too! But once in awhile I'll do a mailtime for my blog or instagram but guess what I will continue this in a dif comment

  7. So today I was doing the eagle adventure and there was this girl she was like how do u get a spike on here and then the other jammers like idk they just generated it when I got it and she kept talking about rares and then I'm like Aj isn't all about rares you know. And she's like it is for me! Just another greedy jammers and she hardly did any of it like really????? Another comment coming soon..l

  8. How do you make hose gifs? What do u use? Please tell me

    1. I just use a free online GIF maker that I randomly find on the Internet.

  9. True. Mailtime is usually for greedy jammers that just want to get famous. I got scammed that way, too.


  10. I think that mail time in itself is fine, because it's the viewers choice if they want to send anything or not. What I don't agree with, is when people use mail time to try to get a bunch of stuff even if they don't have a youtube account.
    ~kittens1111 =^. .^=

  11. i think mailtime is bad too,people are so greedy these days.And chances are people and I mean lots of jammers don't have youtube accounts anyway. -tjsummy

  12. You do realize that mail time youtubers have limited space like everyone else too, right? I know it's old but they can't keep every single present they get!


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