Thursday, November 20, 2014

Can You Guess Who I Am?


  1. Cool, you got a polar bear! It looks pretty good! And it's chubby. XD

  2. Kay so most of you know i quit but theres one thing i really want/need on aj--a black pirate sword
    I got an email from ajhq like 2 days ago saying my membership ran out, so i cant use the double samurais for my mikasa look (member item)
    Sooooo im trading:
    -a long bow
    -white cupid wings
    -some rare den item
    For a black pirate sword (duh)
    Pleeeeaaaaseee reply if ure interested!!!
    Btw naf ill send you my password by email soon

    1. 0.0 Okie.....

      I might have a black pirate sword btw.

  3. Anyways....

    There's now a hater Anonymous going around a few blogs. Including mine. And what's worse is that he (or she idk) has a Blogger Account!!

    So... Anyone have any idea how to remove certain IP addresses?

    And I changed my entire commenting system, too. Come on! D:

    1. o.o

      I'm not sure how to remove IP addresses...

    2. Yeah. I thought you wouldn't either. Who knows?! (Because I really don't know.)

      He just won't stop! D:


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