Monday, May 27, 2013

PeBBLe PeTs!

Getting bored? Have literally nothing to do? If you're a parent with kids wailing, "I'm bored!", then you've come to the right post! Seriously, get ready for death of cuteness.

Why not make a cute craft?

This is NOT difficult whatsoever and turns out adorable.


Pebble Pets!

Although there is no picture, I'll give you step-by-step directions and the important needs you'll desire during this super quick and easy project. If I could make a rating for difficulty for this craft (1-5 stars), I'd make it 0 stars! It's that simple!

What You Need:
  • 4 small glass vase pebbles
  • 1 big glass vase pebble
  • Hot glue gun
  • Googley eyes
  • Other decorations (gems, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, etc.)
  1. Place the 4 small pebbles into a square shape, while each one touching at least another.
  2. Put blobs of hot glue in the center of each pebble. O(right here)O
  3. Now put blobs of hot glue on the bottom right hand corners (but still on the pebble, not on the side corners) for pebbles on the right, and hot glue on the bottom left hand corners for the left side pebbles. Must be sounding confusing so far. I wish I had a picture! :(
  4. Place the big pebble on the 4 pebbles while the hot glue is still runny and, well, hot.
  5. Hot glue googley eyes on. Big, small, eyelashes, up to you! You can get designed eyes at Michaels, if you have a store near you. Mainly in the US, I believe.
  6. Hot glue any other decorations on! Use patterned pipe cleaners to make ears and a tail for a cat, or a little, pink pom-pom for a nose of a bunny and a small, white pom-pom for a tail of a bunny.
  7. BE SUPER CAREFUL! Do NOT drop purposely or mess around with. No throwing in the air, please. Handle with care! These crafts work best as paperweights, cute things to CAREFULLY play with, or just for decoration. I've had to fix severals so far!
If you decide to post this on the Internet, Pinterest, or YOUR blog, please give the credit to this blog!

I hope you made all that out. I've made a regular one, and white tiger, and a bunny. I once made a cyclops and a popstar, but everyone in my class at school bought them. I made 16 of them for an economy project at school, where we hosted a store for people in my class purchase things they'd like. I made this mini clipboards, once, and they all sold in less than 10 seconds! (Or maybe it was that quick it felt like it.)

Who knows? Maybe my dad and I's great idea may come in packages to a store near you!

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