Saturday, September 20, 2014

180,000 Views Contest- AJ Challenges

I've come up with a list of Animal Jam Challenges! These are optional for anyone who wishes to participate.

Each challenge is worth a certain amount of points. If you earn 75 points or more, I'll send a little-over-a-medium-rare to you. It is possible to earn 85 points total.

There is NO cheating whatsoever allowed! Each challenge has its rules, so obey them or NO prize! Got it? Good luck!

-Play at least 1 round of each game in the Sol Arcade (excluding Pet Games) and win. If you mess up ONCE, you must start the whole challenge over. There is an exception, though: if the game you are currently playing includes lives, you don't have to restart the challenge until all of your lives have been used up on that game.
Points: 30

-Complete at least one round of Hedgehog without using any of the diamond power-ups.
Points Worth: 5

-At a less crowded server, host a party at your den. You must get at least 5 visitors to come to your party. Any kind of party is allowed, especially the ones that grab a lot of attention. ^.^ You must write down or make a note of what server you hosted the party in and the usernames of the visitors at your party for full credit.
Points Worth: 10

-Wash all of your pets at the Pet Wash in a 5 minute time limit. You have to include the names of your pets that you washed for full credit.
Points Worth: 15

-Run around the perimeter, or border, of every building, land, and ocean in Jamaa in a 10 minute time limit. NO EAGLES ALLOWED! Include what land/building/ocean you started at and what land/building/ocean you ended at.
Points Worth: 20

-Climb to the top floor of the Chamber of Knowledge within 15 seconds.
Points Worth: 10

-Send all of your buddies a complimentary Jam-A-Gram within 10 minutes. The Jam-A-Gram must have some sort of kind meaning to it. Think of something nice to say before time runs out!
Points Worth: 10

-Gift/Trade 5 rares to random people within 20 seconds. They cannot be your buddies! Include the usernames of the people you gifted/traded and what rares you gave them for full credit.
Points Worth: 10

-Purchase at least 1 item from every shop in Jamaa. Make a list of all the items you purchased for full credit.
Points Worth: 5


  1. Can non-members join too? Because I can't wash my pet or play pet games.

  2. Nice idea! Did you test all of these to see if they are possible? You have to, you know... ^.^

    1. Ca, you don't have to be Member to participate. Just exclude the ones you can't do, like the Pet Wash one. Also, on the first challenge there are no Pet Games allowed. I'm pretty sure you're good to go!

      Wolfiepaws, I did test out most of them. The ones I didn't test are the simpler ones. :)

  3. I think i played all the games- wow that was tiring XD I won! If there are any more I don't know about then AAAGGHHHH XD
    And here are the items i purchased from every shop in Jamaa:
    Vine Anklet (Jam Mart Clothes)
    Liza Portrait (Jam Mart Furniture)
    Quilted Blanket (Hot Cocoa Hut)
    NM Den Portal (Diamond Shop)
    Cherry Blossom Tree (Epic Wonders)
    Epic Egyptian Hat (Epic Wonders)
    Bandage (Medical Shop)
    Grahm Statue (Chamber of Knowledge)
    Seaweed Boa (Bahari Bargains)
    Trident (Sunken Treasures)
    Korean Flag (Flag Shop)
    Banyan Tree (Treetop Gardens)
    Stone Lamp (Outback Imports)
    Bunny Hat (Museum Shop)
    Did i forget any shops? PLEASE SAY I DIDNT XD i have no more gems now :P
    I have 35 points total now XD

  4. I also got to the top floor of the chamber of knowledge in 13 seconds! Yay 10 points :D

  5. Hey naffy. It's moonstar88745. Great idea!

  6. I did hedgehog! Now i have... 50 points i think! Right? Wait- 30+5+5+10=50! Yay!!!

  7. Okay I did the party thing in Wasatch and the people who came were:
    Yay! I finally did it XD THE PARTY WAS SO FUN!!!

  8. 60 points now- i only need 15 more!!! :D

  9. Yay!!! I finished the perimeter/border thingy! I started at Coral Canyons and I ended at Kani Cove! yay i got 75 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so happy!!!!!

  10. Nafaria I was on AJ to get some pics for soemthing ij den my den and then a jammer is in my den I go check and YOU KNWO WHO I SEE? Taco is there on a nm account so after a few minutes locked him out!!! And no more taco in my den he can't keep going into people's dens and intruding there privacy!!!!!!

    1. -sigh- Perhaps Taco will never learn, because he never tries to. I'm sorry, Violet. :c

    2. He keeps going into my den on various storage accounts too. :/ Bratty attention seeker.

    3. I haven't been on today yet... Liar.. Ik u hate me violet

    4. What you say is what you are, Taco- a liar. :3

  11. thx so much for the prize!!! especially the rare jamaailday hat! =D

  12. I already did the games XD (So addicting), party (here's the users) puppies528, wildkratts1000, honeypanda113, jackolantern367 and pumpkinspices123. I climbed the chamber in 13 seconds, and sent ALL 100 of my buddies a completion jam a gram. I think that's, 60 points? 25 more to go XD

  13. Ok, I did all the challenges except for the trade away rares thing.
    Store items:
    Striped couch
    Ocean den
    Small den
    Giant kangaroo plushie
    Leaf fan
    Old hood
    Silver glove
    Silver brick
    USA flag
    Bunny hat
    Patched rug
    Liza statue
    Pirate bandana
    I'm out of gems and inventory slots.
    Party: Marydoodle976 Victor256 Samms New Jammer New Jammer New Jammer World: Balkan
    Perimeter: My fingers are tired. Started: Deep blue Ended: Appondale
    Games: I played on my sister's account, ch1412 so she would get gems.
    Hedgehog: Did it, and it was hard.
    Chamber of Knowledge: 14 seconds
    JAGs: My fingers are tired.
    That's all I did. I will do the trade away rares thing after my fingers rest a while. XD Thanks for making this exciting contest, Naffy! :D

  14. I'm gonna try to do all of the challenges. I'll probably fail lol


  15. Seems fun, hopefully no one lies about what they actually completed
    When does the contest end? If it was in the post I missed it

  16. i did this all before this post, do i get points?
    i set myself challenges, please gimme points :3
    i did all but:
    the den party
    the pet wash
    chamber of knowledge (lag r.r)
    hedgehog thing

  17. Hey... my comment wasn't approved.
    I just asked if that it counts if i've done it before...

  18. Yay! 30 points!


  19. I climbed to the top of the Chamber of Knowledge in 13 seconds!

    ~When123 (again)

  20. Yay! I did all of them, except the pet wash because I am non-member. Ok, for the give rares to people thing: I traded a purple glove, a pink glove, a rare bow, a pirate sword, and a rare short spiked wrist to two New Jammers to give them a start. Sharing is caring, right? :) I buddied them so when AJHQ approves their usernames I'll tell you them.

  21. The people that went to my party were zoegirl1253, silverthewolf2338, rainbowdrops101, lol2805, andglittergirl80. The server was Danube. I did the perimiter thing and I started at Appondale and ended at Kani Cove. THAT'S 65 POiNTS!


  22. Jam Mart Clothing: Fez
    Jam Mart Furniture: Egyptian Rug
    Hot Coca Hut: Quilted Blanket
    Diamond Shop: N.M. Den Portal
    Outback Imports: Patched Rug
    Medical Center Shop: Bandage
    Flag Shop: Philippine Flag
    Treetop Gardens: Bonsai Tree
    Den Shop: Small Den
    Conservation Museum: Eagle Hat
    Epic Wonders: Bronze Brick
    Epic Wonders: Silver Glove
    Mystery Emporium: LaSalle Statue
    Underwater Den Shop: Sunken Ship
    Bahari Bargains: Pirate Bandana
    Sunken Treasures: Sponge Welcome Mat


    P.S. 70 POINTS!

    1. Oops, I meant 75. Sorry!


    2. (forgot to count the hedgehog one. :3)



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