Saturday, April 5, 2014


Wow. That party was so fun and successful! I planned it all just last night, and because of the amazing buddies that I have that came and even anticipated to go, it was a blast. I'd like to thank:

  • skydrain7
  • cyacheer
  • pink200330
  • wolfpaws4330
  • RainbowCat1
  • animals352 (are those the right numbers?)
  • scree53
  • moonstar88745
Also everyone else who came and wanted to come are mentioned too. c: 

And I'll never forget these wonderful gifts you all gave me. Whippers are special people-kind, thoughtful, and caring. You all are Whippers. (Please excuse me if I sound cheesy.)

So many people were there! It was so, so, so FUN! Big parties like this are always great.

Thank you all for your support, I'm so happy. Don't worry, I promise to make parties in the future to be as fun as this was. I'll try, at least! Speaking of that, since we are so close to 70,000 views, that party could count for the views, too.



  1. I'm so upset I missed it. DX

    1. Sorry, but I had a musical and relatives up from pensillvanyia! (More than likely spelled wrong! :)

  2. I live in England so I always miss aj whip parties :(


  3. I was gonna surprise you there but sorry I missed it

  4. Sorry, I couldn't come, due to unexpected conflicts. D:
    But, I'm glad it was fun! *sings happy birthday*

  5. im soooo glad i came! you REALLY know how to throw a party! maybe the day before my birthday you could help with my aj birthday party? my gifts would be trades, of course, because i am a nonmember. i am soooooooooooooooooooooo glad your birthday party was today! i would have CRIED if i had missed it!

  6. fuzzhead Peace, Love, and UNICORNS!!April 5, 2014 at 8:28 PM

    Sry i could only come for like 3 mins at the end :P
    here's what happened:
    I was waiting for donation day and ur bday party, but i got the time zones confused and my mom told me i had to get off before the party stared -.-

    1. fuzzhead Peace, Love, and UNICORNS!!April 5, 2014 at 8:30 PM

      btw im gonna send a (late) bday gift right now :3

  7. AJHQ's reply to my e-mail :I :

    ## Please do not write below this line ##
    Ticket #640611: :I
    Your request (#640611) has been updated.

    You can also add a comment by replying to this email.

    Customer Service 2, Apr 05 17:31:
    Hello Jammer,

    Thank you for contacting Animal Jam Headquarters! We are sorry to hear that you do not like our recent chat changes.

    Due to recent changes in the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act, we now require parents to verify with us that they give their consent for their children to be using various interactive features within Animal Jam, including our Safe Chat features, picture and video sharing functions. This consent can be given during membership purchases with credit cards and by having a member player’s parent call our Animal Jam Support reps at 888-340-7313.

    But don’t worry, even without this explicit permission, all players are able to use the default Restricted Safe Chat functions as well as the fun games and almost all of the activities in Animal Jam.

    We truly value our Jammers’ ideas and your feedback helps shape the future of Jamaa. Did you know there's a way for you to send us your ideas and requests without leaving Animal Jam? To learn how, click the link to our help section below:


    Animal Jam HQ

    Need more DIAMONDS? You can now get exclusive Diamond Gift Certificates in our Animal Jam Outflitters Shop:

    1. ugh. those SLIMY, SLITHERING WORMS! they NEVER talk about the subject!

    2. Yeah. What's the difference of safety if a nonmember gets free chat and a member gets free chat? A few weeks ago, a member said a very foul word and called me something very hurtful. :C They used very bad language. I don't see what the difference is. >:C

  8. Hey Naffeh!! :33
    Do you mind a little advertising? X3

    Art Commissions:

    I accept paid art commissions, either with rares (priority), or if you really don't have any rares , you can also pay with bronze/silver/gold bricks (has to be the asked value of gems).

    Basically, I make drawings w/ my iPod (they are okay in my opinion, all my RL friends are like OMG but uh yeah), and you can choose from these options:

    1) Drawing without a background (aka a plain color for example red)
    2) Drawing with a background
    3) A background

    1) There is no extra cost for the background. The price will depend on the the details (for example: say my profile picture had no background (plain white for example) it would probably cost a fish fountain (yes, I know, it's expensive but you don't have an idea how long it takes and how many re-do's I have to do) OR 2 gold bricks and a worn blanket which is basically 6,000 gems when recycled and a worn. Now if my profile pic hardly had any details, it would cost around 2 beta tables/one gold brick).

    2) For the background, there are three options:
    a) The "realistic" background (forest, den, sky, etc.)
    b) The "abstract" background (swirls, gradiant, etc.)
    c) The third option aka Nonamey (XD JK) which is uh... A "cross" between realistic and abstract (like in my profile picture--it's how the pink forest walls looks like in the Sol Arcade den).
    For the backgrounds, I also have a few that I made, so they are *almost* costless (though the variety is quite small).
    The cheapest are (in order):
    Already made ones;b); c); a).
    The "realistic" ones cost MUCH more, as they take as much time to make as the animal/person/whatever you want in the art--probably around two porch swings/a pot o' gems/12 gold bricks/a headdress and a SBI TV.
    The Nonamey (XD) will cost around a fish fountain/two red arctic hoods/two black worn blankets and a beta blanket/3 gold bricks.
    The abstract will cost around a fox hat/pirate sword/bronze brick.
    The already-made ones will cost no more then a NM sword or a colored NM item that I will probably keep/donate.

    3) The background.
    For the background, just look in option 2)

    IMPORTANT: The value asked will be at the beginning of the art where I show you a little sketch of it, or at the end, if you're quite "rare" so you can afford it.

    OTHER IMPORTANT: I DO accept re-do's, as I want the "customer" to be satisfied with te artwork, although I won't do more then ONE re-do per artwork. I'm sorry, but I'm already stressed with schoolwork/piano/other stuff. If you don't like the two re-do's, I won't ask for any payment except for a NM colored item.

    Contact me at if you're interested (I'll send the artwork by mail).


    Oh and why I'm doing this? I enjoy doing artwork and there are a few items I'd like to earn with artwork (think of it as a "salary" XDD).


    Okay so I signed up yesterday, and I have NO idea what I'm supposed to do. I watched Bepper's vid but it didn't help much ):
    I have 5 pets (I think) and I'm xneonwafflesx AND UGHHHZ WHAT THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?? Also if any of you play CS please buddy me there so I know at least ONE PERSON O3O


  10. You got my numbers right, Nafi! x3 It was a wonderful party! The next party you have I'm going to for sure! Happy birthday again! x3

  11. I was searching random users today, and found breazia on the scammers list. She's my friend and she don scam >.<

    1. I only put people on this list who I saw scamming and/or heard of scamming, so if she's no longer a scammer I can take her down if you wish.

  12. ALERT: ALERT: ALERT: So yesterday, I went to buy some stuff in royal ridge, there was I decline all scam going on, but I didn't really feel in the mode for scammers -.- until....I got to the den depot area o.O embo0 standing right in front of me, for a couple of seconds before, poof, he disappeared o.0

    1. UPDATE: I have found possible info that emb0 plans to hack snowyclaw!

    2. •3•
      Thats... Freaky >_<
      But I dont think snowy would be that upset, although IDK what emb0 would do on her account...


  13. Naffy I sent you late birthday gifts on Webkinz! c:
    I also made a Webkinz blog:

  14. belated happy birthday nafaria! my birthday is on the sixteenth of april! cool we have the same birthday!

  15. happy b-day


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