Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Little Rant

Hey everybody! I'm so overjoyed that giraffes are back. :3 I'm also really glad about the rest of update day-at least most of it.

There's one little part about the update that my friend Pink pointed out on her blog:

Non-Members can no longer send gifts.

This is getting super out of hand. I have a one-word message for AJHQ:


Stop giggling around with your awful ideas of ways to get Jammers to join the Club.

None of us can live like this anymore.

If they continue this any longer, we'll all:

And then AJ says:

That's not healthy for mortal beings.

Obviously AJHQ is trying to bring down NMs. We won't let that happen. And if they do, they'll have to suffer me quitting. :)

Along with a couple other thousand Non-Members who put down their mouses and laptops and say, I'M DONE WITH THIS GAME!

What do you think of this update in discrimination!? 



  1. We should all email AJHQ about this! >:C

  2. I won't be in Belgium until Mon., so no AJ/commenting :(


  3. I have a little hour before I leave, so here is want I think about it:

    How can you freaking do this?!
    I'm quitting if the next update is worse.
    I will probably still pull up my AJ art blog for requests/commissions, but I won't be playing anymore.
    I'm serious.

    Or we can get as many NMs and members as possible to not play for a specific day. Kinda like a uh... I forgot what it's called in english X3 well in french it's "grève". Go and translate it O3O

    I play AJ because of my buddies, best dressed (mhm XD), and...

    ...because it was decently fair.


  4. That's unfair now I can't send stuff from my storage arrrrr ajhq

  5. I know, I totally agree! This is horrible. If AJHQ wants to loose a ton of players on Animal Jam, then they're sure working to do it. And I'm pretty sure that people are probably already leaving thanks to their unfairness to nonmember jammers. Some kids can't get memberships! It's not fair!!! :c

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  7. ATTTTTTTEEEENNNTTION: ITS TIME FOR AN UPRSING. AJHQ IS BULLYING NMS. I FOR ONE WONT LET THIS HAPPEN, ILL GET MYSELF BAN IF I MUST. BUT, BACK TO THE UPRISING, ITS CALLED MIRA'S ARMY, ILL BE LEADING IT (If nafidoodle wants to co lead I'll let her) MEET AT MY DEN SOMETIME BOUT 10 30 EST? April 27th? WE ARE JAMMERS, AND WE CAN SAVE THE GAME IF WE WORK TOGETHER (and spam AJHQ every way possible) TRY OUR HARDEST, AND MAKE THE GAME RIGHT SGAIN, JUSTICE WILL WIN (and lots of spamming, oh yes LOTS of it XD tickets, request boxes, yes yes but no actual letters) JUST LIKE THR JAMAASIAN MOVMENET, WE WILL WIN! (The same way, tickets and request boxes being overflowed)

    1. i'll join mira's army!

    2. I will join2 im sparklegembrownie

    3. I'd love to lead, but I'll be out of town that day. :(

  8. Oh. My. Zios.
    Sheesh, AJHQ, I think there are better ways to get people to "join the club" than THIS. Taking away the ability to send gifts? Everybody deserves the right to send and accept gifts.
    This is just wrong.
    Did you hear that?

  9. I know right, this is unfair im gonna send a email to ajhq sayin about this and I need usernames to put on there sayin there ppl belive in fairness and equality of ALL jammers so I need users

  10. It's OK for AJ to add NM things. It's not OK for them to take away NM things.

    1. YEAH! It's like letting a little puppy enjoy his bone, then you take away the bone leaving the puppy sad. >:C

    2. I mean a chew bone otherwise it sounds weird lawl.

  11. nonmembers cant talk anymore! D:


  13. Looks like AjHq reached their goal of having no players!
    Oh goodie ^.^
    No not goddie. =-=

    I like aj. Well in the beginning at least. I am going to put my foot down! There is no more mrs. Nice Girl. I don't care If I get banned 1,000 times, I don't care! I am so mad at aj hq!!!!!

    I'm going to get some really sharp scissors, and stab a paper or punch a pillow. AGHGAHAGHAGHAGHAHGAHGAHGAH.

    I'm joining Mira's Army. ALL JAMMERS MUST BE EQUAL! Of course members must have some perks, but taking away everything we deserve is just OUT RAGEOUS!

    ~A very outraged partyanimalzz

    1. Members get more because they pay.. If everyone was equal than why would anyone buy membership?! Aj needs money tipsy the people who keep the game running for us. I agree it's getting out of hand, but it's still better than other games. Non members are using the member's money, so they don't get the perks of paying their own money. And ajhq doesn't really need the nm's, so of course hey aren't treated well. Look at from ajhq's perspective.

    2. We all know very well they need money, but we don't want anyone treated like garbage. It's better if they create features and make them member only than take away features and make them member only. :/

  14. I will list things nms cant do;
    send gifts
    recive gifts
    chance name tag color
    use name tag badges
    get free chat
    get arcade games
    get all animals
    get all dens
    get all clothes
    get all furniture
    and probly a ton more stuff I cant rember
    a outraged sparklegembrownie


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