Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sparkly Shoes and the Pound

Hello! Today is the day I can actually DO a nice post. :P Today's new item is a fancy pair of Sparkly Shoes. O_O

(GIF from AJ Sky Blog)

This item is definitely not one of my favorites. These shoes are just like high heels for curved feet. And the fact it's not Jamaasian makes it even worse.

Well, I hope most of you read my post about Chicken Smoothie. From just that simple post I got a lot of new players to join it! :D

I had a friend ask me how the Pound works. The Pound is a place where you can adopt pets that were confiscated from players who were banned. Even some of these pets were donated by players alike. (You can donate your unwanted pets to the Pound too.)

The Pound opens at random times, usually 4-8 times a week. You can only adopt one pet per 24 hours, so be wise with your selection!

When the Pound DOES open up, this it what it will look like.

About 15 random pets will show up on your screen. These pets are available to adopt. When you've made your choice, just select "Adopt me now!" 

If you aren't satisfied with any of the pets given to you, you can always get a new set of pets.

Of course you'll have to wait a few seconds for them to get a new set rounded up.

Here are some tips for finding some good, hardy pets in the Pound:

  • You can see that on the second picture with the clock, there is a heading that reads, "There are 253 pets left in the Pound!" When the Pound opens, there's sometimes 1,000-3,000 pets in the Pound, maybe sometimes much more or much less. As people adopt pets, the rarity of the pets left slows down, and you'd have to be really lucky to snatch a rare one at 600 pets. The Pound WILL notify you if the Pound is opening within an hour and a half, so be aware of the timing.
  • The Pound allows the pet's age to be shown. If a pet is not that old of a pet, it's not likely to be a rare pet. If a pet is, let's say, 3,456 days old (age is counted in days in CS, not years), it has a chance at being a rare. If a pet is 34 days old or 59 days old, it won't be a rare pet. That's VERY unlikely.
I'll be doing a few more CS lessons over the trail of posting that I'll try to make up. Have a good weekend!


  1. The pound was open up earlier today. C: I got this pretty multicolored butterfly wolf! :3

    1. Hey pink whats your chicken smoothie user? I'm duskowl :)


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