Monday, April 21, 2014

Wow ;)

Wow guys. WOW!

Every day or two I get these super nice JAG compliments, like "You're so nice!" and "You're an inspiration!" or "Your blog is the best!". I LOVE THESE. I LOVE THEM!!!!!

So thank you so much for your encouragement and kindness and all things beautiful! :D

I only have 90 buddy spots left, I just realized.

Did you know before I created a blog I only had around 20 buddies? Then the numbers just went whoosh! They flew up, shattered the ceiling, and blasted to the moon! Lol. :P

(And yes, I'm not DUMB, I know that we have 100 buddies. XD)

My bad for not posting today. I have a book report due, my writing test is this Wednesday, swim team practice, blah, piano lessons, stuff, and what not. I was just super busy. I always am, thank you very much!

Especially on Mondays.

And I'm posting at 9:09 pm MT.


Well, I better get going through my homework again.... bye!


  1. :3

    I never send you any JAGs... Eehehehheheheheh e.e


  2. Oh and you only have 90 buddy slots LEFT...? XD I think ya did a little typo :33


  3. So today....I was tracking down a scammer (Starwolfofthemoon) who has scammed a party hat black sombrero and headdress a top and a pirate sword, and I found him in woot moos den ( WHAT A SHOCKER A SCAMMER IN WOOTMOO'S DEN XD :P) and found... A jammer known as pupawless there saying things like " It was SOOO wierd when I played one WOOTMOO'S user that once" " I only took a few things" " like everyone mobbed me cuz they thought I was him XD I like playing on other peoples accounts" HACKER ALERT O.O MUCH?

  4. wish me luck, i have my second sbac today!

  5. nafaria, we get 100 buddie spaces { typo alert}



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