Monday, April 14, 2014

CS Rarities


Hehe. :3

So, hello!

Today (since it is still not 12:00 am for me right now although this is probably the latest post ever) is Rare Item Monday. This week is a Rare Leaf Necklace. Pretty color, but pity it's locked for NMs.

Anyway, I have another Chicken Smoothie lesson to share with everyone! And no, I'm not trying to make this a Chicken Smoothie blog... heeeeyyyy! Should I make a CS blog?

I dunno. :P

The lesson is on CS rarities. Yes, hopefully most of you know that pets get ranked for how common they are. I will list the ranks from least to greatest:

OMG so common

Very common




Very rare

OMG so rare!


I was going to explain a little about these rarities, but it doesn't matter. I prefer leaving things simple, not junking up the posts with spots of my random babbles I do.

Have a fun time, Whippers, until I post... umm... tomorrow. :)


  1. It's 11:45 pm for me right now. XD

    Nice GIF! It looks cool.

  2. Nafi.
    I've been thinking alot 'bout Panncakes(s).
    I saw in a video where this jammer was talking about everyone getting hacked, and when she scrolled through her buddies, there was Panncakes AND Panncakess. So she clicked on Panncakes (1 -s) and said he was hacked, but didn't say anything about -ss.
    So -s had a cream beard and other stuff before he got hacked, and he has famous/rare buddies. Then I searched up Panncakess on AJ and there was a wolf w/ and mech and a long red wristband. I didn't check the names of the animals (I should have).
    I think that they're the same person, and that -ss is a backup account, kinda like if I got hacked and then I decided my user would be MythCat2907isback.
    I think it's very possible, and if you could check the animals' names to see if they're the same, then we might know they're the same person, although there's 99% chance they are.


  3. i thought this was a animal jam blog not a chicken smoothie blog!!!!!!


    1. hey! be nice! nafaria likes both. if your gonna lave hate, GET OUTTA MY KITCHEN!

  4. if ya wanna have fun, put nyan cats on da screen :3

  5. what if it says unknown rarity and its grown up all the way?
    chickensmothie -tig47498
    aj -tig47498


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