Friday, April 25, 2014

Who is this guy?

This dude was at Pink's den around my dinnertime along with a few of his suspicious friends. They were talking with each other, and then one of his followers asked, "How'd you get so rare? And where did you get those gazelles and that beard?" He avoided that question by ignoring it. Apparently, snowyclaw is no longer the one without unreleased gazelle horns!

Just who is this guy?

*Update: Legende is actually Pinky's friend. He was hacked long ago, but we believe he's being controlled by someone else, due to the fact he has really rare rares.*


  1. Naf... that's my friend's friend. He was hacked. I'm not sure if his account is being controlled. I don't think he seems that harmful anymore... but we should be cautious. *Lol sorry if I sound dramatic XD

  2. i agree with pink. KEEP SAFE!

  3. Legende is really famous and rare :I
    PLUS everyone ignores my comments--when I comment about suspicious hackers. So yeah, no offense, but if everyone ignores the info I bring and keeps on going like "OMG WHO IS THAT AND OMG GREEN GAZELLES OMG NEVER SEEN THOSE BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I'm completely quitting all this hacking stuff.


  4. I'll log on and investigate... After a coffee ;)

  5. Naf he's not exactly my friend. He's my FRIEND'S friend. Sorry for the confusion.

  6. Hmm, I thought Legende used to be Doughnutt. Eh, I don't know. It's odd that he has unreleased items; it's just like xxflamingfire. xxflamingfire has a black mech and white gazelles, and along with that tons of other unreleased items. I have NO idea how these two are getting these items, but it's scary, because the game never released these unreleased items. My guess is that somehow they're hacking them. O.o

    If they're hacking into the Animal Jam website to get at these pixels...they're doing something that's illegal and completely wrong. I hope that they get banned or Animal Jam blocks their IP address, because this is a threat to other jammers. D:

    1. Ok back from coffee and investigating :) I believe.... That beard is a rare beard put into gimp and hacked back into his account, and those "gazelles" are probably scary horns put into gimp and hacked back onto his account

  7. No xxflamminfire IS now UrbanPlanet (changed user name) and they are getting there rares from AJHQ, legitimately. Im not sure exactly why but they are. From what I understand it was given to them after they had there accounts hacked. They dont want ppl to know where they are getting them because they are afraid ppl will start calling up AJHQ to get rares too ajd then they wont be the only ppl having those items. They actually want everyone to think the are generating them so that yiu dont figure out the truth truth. Now you know. I wasnt suppose to say anything but im over this obsession ppl have with rares.


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