Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How To Make A Blog

My buddy wanted to know how to make a blog, so this is a step-by-step tutorial about how to make a blog using Blogger!

1. Create a Google Account.

Enter all the blank required fields. I'm pretty sure you need an email account to create a Google Account, but I could be wrong. :P

2. Sign into Blogger.

Blogger is owned by Google, so all you need to do is just simply sign in with your new Google Account.

3. Click "New Blog".

Your Blogger Dashboard will pop up. This main screen shows all of the blogs you've created, your profile, and all the latest posts from the blogs you follow. The "New Blog" button is located on the top left below your Display Name.

4. Set up your blog.

After you click the New Blog button, you need to create a title for your blog (ex. Animal Jam Whip), your blog address/URL/link (ex., and a template for your blog (ex. Picture Window).

5. Decorate your blog!

Your blog is officially made! Now, you can immediately begin posting by clicking the large orange button that says "New Post", or explore the different features you can add to your blog. Things might be overwhelming and difficult at first, but more tutorials will come. ^.^

Thanks again!


  1. Yay!
    I already have a google account and email so im almost done setting up my first blog!!!
    ( its gona be an Aj one c: ) Thanks again Naffi!!

  2. JUst thought I'd post this, a long time ago I asked AJ what the correct name for skullys are and they sent this

    "That's a great question! Skullys are an item that hasn't been in Jamaa for some time! We prefer the spelling "skullys"."

  3. Naffi?
    I know this would be a kinda weird post but once my blog is made imma gonna wanna know how to get lots of people to read it like yours :P It would REALLY help if you could post that.?

  4. /)O3O(\
    Death the Kid is so cute <3 Hurhurhur I just watched 15 episodes of Soul Eater xD
    I still prefer AoT though =P


  5. This helped! I made my own blog! Thank you.


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