Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Gather 'Round the Terrace

Hiya! Have any of you Members ever wanted a nice patio table for your dens? Now, with the gorgeous Terrace Table, you can!

It's perfect with Wooden Chairs. Add trees, plants, or other outdoorsy items to complete a beautiful backyard!

(Picture from the Animal Jam Hail.)

I would like to congratulate goldcobra for having the Epic Den of the Week!

Her castle den surely shows Alpha Spirit, even if they're being silly and not smiling for the camera like them Alphas should be! XD

Here is a random screenshot of my buddies all dancing together.

Funny. o3o

Check out the latest post on the Krystal Way. An adventure is about to occur!

Lastly, read Mythy's contest below, and be sure to enter it! ^.^ My contest will also be up soon. But if it isn't, it's waffles and spikes for everyone! >:3



  1. OMG it's so cute <3
    I hope you won't make the contest, so that I can have waffles hehuehue e3e


  2. . .
    , ,
    ---- You didn't post my contest results yet. And you said you yould . _ .

  3. Heynafaria, can u post that i got scammed tommorrow?


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