Thursday, July 3, 2014

Red Holiday Knights

Hello! Today's medieval item is found in the Freedom Party, so I'm gonna borrow a picture from cloudclaws. Introducing the Freedom Knight Helmet!


Some Jammers (including X) have this unreleased color of Holiday Sweater. I think it's unreleased, but I hear it's worth a Glitched (Neon) Bow or a Glitched Ring. 

Do you know anything about this item?

I'm going to be on a short, 2-day vacation for the 4th of July, so I won't be posting tomorrow morning. But, I will tell you all about it when I return on Saturday!

I don't have a lot of stuff to post about today... :T

That's basically all you need to know. Oh, wait...

Should I start the contest NOW, or wait until it's completely done? I just feel so dumb and lazy because I'm slacking. Hey, there's 27 prizes with 27 parts of the contest to be done, and I've only finished half of it, so yeah....

Bye! :3


  1. That item's just plain weird o3o
    Happy 4th of July to all of you americans out there :DD


  2. 27 parts and 27 prizes? Wow, that's a lot... Was 27 just a random number you picked or was it for a reason?

  3. No, it's there for a reason, I am not kidding.

  4. the holiday sweaters were a pre-released colour only in this adventure. Just like how some items were in adventures beta. this make me think that in christmas 2014 these "glitched" colours of holidat sweaters and elf shoes will come out and pre-existing ones will be "rare". this makes me think that this christmas neon bow will ALSO be released as "neon" colours (ex: neon blue, neon orange etc) hope this helps!
    ps: add me on AJ: tiger13567

  5. which adventure.

  6. I have the gitched holiday sweater.. I tradded a black worn for it..

  7. the red 1, would you be interested in trading it? I have den betas, rare vikings, etc, let me know, I am unicorneyes24 on AJ, ty ^_^

  8. and which adventure are the pre re-leased holiday sweaters in?

    1. Forgotten Desert, I got 1 in that adventure recently but there is a low change you will get rares doing that adventure.

  9. I have a glitched sweater. My aj user is LongEaredRaccoon, add me and tell me what u offer

  10. I HAVE A GLITCHED SWEATER!!! SO happy, it looks purrfect on me! I might have undertraded. I traded a black worn blanket and wood floor. Was that fair?

  11. I have a glitched sweater (red) I am interested in trading a neon bow(glitched) or a glitched ring. I also would be happy trading it for a long spike jam a gram me if deal im angrycookie im on everyday so byez. :3 peace and love

  12. I traded two good den betas, a pirate sword and rare viking hat for mine. That was an under.
    Jam-a-Gram me if you want to make an offer for it. Don't reply on here, plz.
    Btw I'm Zeldaxox.

  13. Well I myself have it and I traded glitched nerds for it

  14. I have glitched sweater too! I'm looking for neon bow, glitched ring or a good or bad long. Jag me in animal jam im lovepaws8 :D

  15. I have a glitch sweater and I'm looking 4 glitch ring, good long, wood floor, pr good spike.


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