Thursday, July 10, 2014

Operation 100,000 Views

You are about to read a super amazing contest!
Hey everybody!

This is the first time in a year I've hosted a contest on this official blog. I mainly post contests on my Contest Blog, but this will be much different.

I wanted to thank kittens1111 for the marvelous contest idea. ^.^

While most contests are giveaways, photo contests, art contests, fashion contests, raffles, and more, this contest is going to be a mystery contest. That's right- anyone who enters gets to be a temporary JCSI agent!

But, you can join the Jamaa Crime Scene Investigation group any day for free. x3

Here's the plot:

Naffy Taffy has been having trouble with her animals. They all seem to be picky and want a specific type of food a specific type of way. How can she feed 27 critters when there's 27 meals to make and not even 27 minutes to cook it!?

And, it's not helping that her animals won't tell her what food they like.

So, she needs your help!

Yeah, she knows she sounds a lot like Dora the Explorer right now.

Your mission is to discover each of her 27 animals' favorite foods using clues.

For every day of the contest, there will be a new animal mystery. Now, that doesn't mean there will be completely different mysteries each day. That means a new animal each day. After one day is over, that animal is done for. A new animal will take its place. Is this sort of making sense?

Your first animal will be shown on tomorrow's post.

So, you click on the banner link with the animal on it, and you begin your mystery. Follow the clues to the answer of the quest. Comment the answer once you find it on the post with the banner, and whoever comments it first will be given a prize!

The contest will end once all the animals have been given their food.

Your first mission will be posted in a minute.

Have fun searching! :D


  1. I don't understand anything T_T
    I guess I'll just read the first thingy ;-;


    1. Me too! I have no idea how this contest is going to work. I guess I am sort of stupid. XD


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