Saturday, July 12, 2014

Diamond Tiara

Hey! Today's new item is the Diamond Tiara, sold at an expensive price in Epic Wonders.

It's shiny.... o.o

I'd like to announce the winner of yesterday's mystery.

Congratulations, kittens1111!

You win a special, black 2012 banner. :3

The next mystery will be posted shortly.

It's weird that although it's been over a week that Freedom Day has gone by, the Freedom Party is here to stay. :P

I don't have anything to post about. :U

This is a tribal costume I made for snow leopards. XD

Well, because of my rush to get to tennis lessons, bye!


  1. Nafi I have bad news... kittens unbuddied me AGAIN because creepers said this:
    Creepers: So you forgive nafi but not me? She hacked, I scammed, but you forgive her?
    Me: what did you say? (we were n kittens den)
    Creepers: Or do you just forgive famous people?
    Kittens: Enough of this (unbuddies me and locks her den)
    Me: ....... seriously?
    So I jamagram her this: Your being pulled a way from us like a magnet to creepers!!
    ( I send a few more like that, she replies)
    Kittens: I just did no want to talk about it anymore.
    Really? So you had to unbuddy me just because a scammer who s your "friend" was saying bad stuff about you naf? OMG really? Well, thank you kittens for being such a rude jammer (no offense nafi but this is what seriously happened!!!)
    p.s. kittens if you are reading this, idc anymore... i might even quit aj sometime.... so you guys can thank creepers for starting this up again. he came to kittens den and me a kittens were laughing and having fun before HE came... Now, me and kittens aren't even buddies anymore....

    1. I'm sorry about that, Fam.

      By the way, the reason everyone forgave me and not Creepers was because he scammed numerous times WITHOUT REGRETTING IT OR FEELING ANY GUILT. I, on the other hand, regretted it, apologized, and only hacked once.

    2. ik nafi... I believe you and not creepers because of what you said in the comment :) your a great buddy nafi. don't let anyone ruin that for you, ever :)

  2. hey nafaria? did ur name come from the bad fairy (who i think looks really cool) in webkinz? cuz i play webkinz too, my user is CuteKinz32, just a btw! :) i love ur blog!


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