Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Results for Carrot04

Hey Jammers! It's carrot04.

My contest ended a few days ago, and I got the prizes ready for those who entered. I had lots of fun accepting those THREE entries (exaggeration :P). Thank you anyway if you did enter, though!

The three entries I received were from animalclip, penguin55544, and nafaria9. Thanks, you guys! I appreciate it! :3

Now, the exciting part....


Drumroll, please....

1. animalclip
Item: Ceiling Web

2. penguin55544
Item: Antlers

3. nafaria9
Item: Sectional Sofa

The winner will be receiving the tiara! To thank the others, I will give them a lil' somethin'. :)

Thanks Jammers! I love you all! <3 Spoiler Alert: I'm making a trivia contest soon! :D



  1. Animalclip, can you please buddy me so i can give you your prize or else i will have to keep my tiara and you dont get a prize :l . Sorry but thats the only way you're getting my tiara :P .



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