Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pizza Rant

Yesterday's mystery contest has been extended! Today is your last day to enter to win.

Hiyo! Today's new item, located in the Summer Carnival AND predicted in the latest Jamaa Journal, is the Pizza Hat! ^3^

It looks SO GOOD TO EAT RIGHT OUT OF THE SCREEN. This is one of the wackiest items in Jamaa, but it's also one of my top favorites. XP

Since the pizza comes in a variety of colors, I made a little list of what the flavors are:

Yellow- Pepperoni
Marigold- Moldy Pepperoni
Neon Green- Grape Onion Slime
Tan- Cocoa Wheat Milkshake
Green- Broccoli Split
Blue- Kentucky Berrygrass
Black w/White- Raisin Mozzarella
Pink- Squid Face Strawberry

Which flavor sounds the best to you?

Meanwhile, I have a rant to make about the new style of Buddy Request JAGs.

These important JAGs went from this....

To this....

To this. :I

I like the original Jam-A-Gram better than the other two. The newest one isn't as creative. It's just thrown together like pieces of dog poop. The "ok" button isn't even CAPITALIZED! >:O

Well, there's my rant! I want the JAG to go back to either of those other ones. I don't care. >:T

Thanks for reading, goodbye for now!


  1. DAT ONE BREADSTICKJuly 15, 2014 at 10:23 AM

    FIRST :D

  2. €l¡zab°°1104™ ©®¥€£¡¿…°July 15, 2014 at 10:54 AM

    SECOND haahhah No flavors they taste bad y€ah lol Iis on phon£ . ~€l¡zab°°1104

    1. Wait pepperoni …elizaboo1104

  3. I thought you were going to rant about pizza xD

  4. I kinda miss the old JAGs too =(
    I think they should make one like this:
    The background is Crystal Sands.
    There are two animals:
    The one that requests the buddying and the one who accepts/delcines. They are our AJ avatars that we are using. The one that requests has a speech bubble saying: "Want to be friends?" And the one that accepts/delcines has two speech bubbles: one green one with "Sure!" written on it and one red one with "No thank you." written on it. They act like the buttons :) and if one or both of the animals is underwater, they're in the ocean part of the JAG.


    1. Aw, that sounds adorable! You should at least enter that in one of those purple buttons, even if they might not listen. XP

    2. IKR? I'm such a smart person! :D Hurhur e3e
      Omg I just noticed I did a typo on declines two times XD


  5. There's another Jam-a-Gram, if I'm not mistaken...

    It's also a wolf and monkey. I think it's somewhere in someone's laptop...


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