Monday, July 14, 2014

5,000 Comments + 110,000 Views

Whoa! The Whip is zooming with views, posts and comments. ^.^ Thanks again to all of you who make this blog possible! We'll have a party once we reach 120,000 views, just cause I'm quite busy this week. Thanks again! :D


  1. SO EXCITED :3


  2. Flufffycybunny:Do you play Webkinz to naferia?i do my user on their is Mynameiscarroty!

    And yeah this website is sure whippen-dippen REALLY fast!

    another thing did you use to make this website?i did my website is called

    listen,i may delete it when i get a Google Account!!!

    from flufffycybunny!

    1. Hey!
      Your Webkinz use is alike to my AJ username XD Mines carrot04 :P

    2. Hello Fluffy! XD Yup, I play Webkinz. My username is Utahhaileybug. :P

      No, I used Blogger to make my website. ^.^

  3. Yay! Go Animal Jam Whip!

    ~(^◡^ )~biamorawesome➳~


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