Monday, July 14, 2014

Pill Bugs

Hi! Today's Rare Item Monday, and the RIM this week is very colorful. :o

Introducing the Rare Spiked Mohawk, or the Wondrous Rainbow. o3o The price is really expensive, but it's probably worth buying.

Yesterday's mystery winner is....


The correct answer was squid. Great job! Your prize will be sent as soon as possible.

Anyway, today I wanted to talk about PILL BUGS! XD

Pill Bugs/Potato Bugs/Armadillo Bugs, or Roly-Polys as little kids call them, are adorable creatures that crawl on sidewalks, roads and driveways in the summer, spring and fall. They come from the family of woodlice.

Usually every year we collect as many of these bugs as we can and give them a home in bug jars. Last year we set a record of 300 pill bugs total, but by the time we released them most had died already. :(

To celebrate the cuteness of Pill Bugs, I insist you play a few rounds of Pill Bugs. ^.^

I have to go now. My parents are in Seattle and a babysitter is here. If she finds me on the laptop.... well, don't know what would happen!

Goodbye, and keep whippin'!


  1. I found a pill bug a few years ago at a parade, it was cute :3


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