Friday, July 11, 2014

Diamond Hourglass

Heya! Today's new item is the fabulous, heavy Diamond Crown, with a big chunky diamond sitting in the middle of it. O.<

To me, it looks a lot like a sparkly diamond hourglass hat. Don't ask. :P

In the new Adventure, In Too Deep, there are plenty of cute, squishy anglerfishies that I just HAD to make a graphic of.

Aren't they just adorable!?

Anyway, I find this REALLY ANNOYING....

These clouds here in the bottom corner make a popular hiding place for Jammers who don't want to help out. They just join the Forgotten Desert to get prizes and let the other eagles do work. It isn't fair and is very frustrating to the other players. >:U Don't do it, please.

I'd like to announce the winner of discovering Fairy Magiclily's favorite food:


Congrats! Your pirate sword has been sent. o3o

The next mystery will appear in several minutes.

Thank you for reading. ^.^ Oh, by the way, check out the post below this. It's super important, and I also discovered Nethter and Embo are buddies.

Alright, cheers!


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