Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I can't believe how foolish I was. I recently got scammed on my contest prizes by mairna555. :,( I'm not sad about the items, I just wanted to have some good prizes for the contest and now they're gone.

Mairna555 did a rare spiked collar giveaway at her den, so I decided to go. I was sure it was a scam, but when she gave xxbetamonster her green collar, I knew it was time to step things up. So on Crestedclaw I traded my pigtails, a trapped phantom, a rhino helmet, and one other thing I forgot. Oh well.... They're just pixels.

I don't need any donations, but any donations that are sent might be used as replacement contest prizes.

Turns out xxbetamonster was actually a storage of Mairna. That part threw me off.

Mairna will be immediately added to the scammers list.



  1. On no! D: That's so awful!
    You're right, though. They are just pixels, but still... people who do that make me sooo mad! >.<
    On a brighter note, I didn't even notice the kind words about me on the 'Jammer of the Month' gadget that you had made. Thank you so much! C: <3

  2. Well, I have a trapped phantom if you want it..

    - rascal

  3. hope you feel better :,(

  4. Thats terrible! I'll send some stuff for you! Sorry this happend :( :(

  5. That's a shame, sorry you got scammed

    Was that my green rhino helmet?

  6. X IS KING ITS OFFICIAL REALLYI WENT AND FOLLOWED HIM THEN THIS GUY NEXT TO HIM SAID SUP KING AND X REPLYED HI THEN I ASKED HIM "king how much are salamander gills worth?" asnd he replyed ""in stores"" but they arent.

    1. O.O Now I get why X has so many founders. King had a lot of founders, so he must have switched to X and traded off the founders! This is freaky..

  7. NOOOOOOO!!!!

  8. Don't worry, Naffy. It happens to everyone at least once (being scammed). It happened to me. I was really foolish. And the worst part is, the stuff I traded was a few random rares a really kind person gave me (They asked, do you think you're rare? I said yes, but then I started to... Actually, long story). The point is, every person has been scammed at least once.

  9. OMG I'm so sorry =(
    BTW I'm not dead haha I just slept over at my friend's place for two days owo
    So sorry for you >3<
    That other dude was an accomplice :U

    I showed my friend AOT and now she's also overobsessing over it e3e

    1. Glad you're not dead! ^o^ It's okay, they're just pixels (that phrase is kind of getting on my nerves, it's growing old >_<). Hope you had fun at your friend's! 0w0


    2. The new phrase:
      "It's okay, they're not real!"
      Haha wuteva.
      Attack on titan owo


  10. i think he might hack me. if he does, please repalce these items: a pink fox hat, tow freedom fox hats, a few light blue rare worns, a nm den portal, a nm raincloud, rare freedom neck tie.

  11. I'm so sorry!
    Just because they're pixels doesn't mean that scamming isn't wrong. >.<


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