Friday, July 11, 2014


Okay, just so we are clear, I hacked ONCE.

In fact, it wasn't much of a hack.

My friend (jessica37673) and I were eating lunch one day in 3rd grade, talking about Animal Jam. She told me her password ON PURPOSE.

I logged into her account one day after she had quit a year ago, and looked around. I saw a plushie I wanted.

I took the plushie.... :(

And immediately logged off.

After a while, I started to feel depressed, angry, and sick inside. "Why did I do that!?" I asked myself.

I completely regret doing it. It was a big mistake and an accident. Guilt was the only thing I felt for the rest of the day.

I am so sorry. 

I never did it again. Besides, we're only human. If you can't feel sorry for who you scammed or hacked, well... change needs to happen. Thank you.


  1. =(
    Did you at least give it back? :)
    I know it's hard to resist temptations, especially if there's no danger whatsoever, except for consciousness which tells you it's wrong, SOMETHING SOME PEOPLE APPARENTLY DON'T OWN.


  2. I was talking about Nethter btw haha


  3. It's ok, Naffy. I can see how tempting it was.

  4. Naffi,
    Remember what i told you (our secret) that will always make you feel better when you think of when you took that plushie :)

  5. Yep. The thing that separates you from hackers is that you felt bad about it and will never hack again, so. c:
    We all make bad decisions.

    1. One of my best decisions that I keep on regretting is to play AJ.


  6. It's alright Naffy. We are all human beings. We all get temptations.

  7. i understand perfectly its ok we all make mistakes

  8. It's alright naffy, I have done Something similar.

    My friend quit about a year ago. A few months back, she both told me her pass and said the was going to get back on and give me her stuff. She forgot to log back on. After a month of her forgetting, I logged on and took a few items. I told her afterward, and she said it was ok. Is that considered hacking? She is my Irl best friend btw.

    I have never done anything else (scamming or hacking)

    - rascalcat

  9. I had a friend that scammed alot. And I wondered what it was like, so I tried the trust me scam. After I scammed someone I felt horrible. So I gave everything back and said sorry. I will never EVER do that again, it's horrible!


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