Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Butterfly Balloons

There will be NO posting from Wednesday, July 30th to Thursday, July 31st. I will return Friday afternoon.

Hiya! Today's new item is an addition to the Balloon Hat set in the Summer Carnival- the Butterfly Balloon Hat!

It's not as bad as the Electrocuted Snake. I prefer this one much more. The butterfly is normal. :3

We've got some more screenshots to add to the Funny Jammers page:

The first picture is kinda rude in some way, but I didn't take it as an insult for some weird reason. It didn't offend me. owo

Yesterday's mystery was tough, with only a few guesses being correct. The winners I have chosen are prettybunnygrl and rascalcat for answering mango!

Prettybunny gets the Glitched Nerd Glasses, and Rascal gets the Spirit Glove. ^.^

Since mom is making me pack all morning for a three-day Girls Camp, there won't be a new mystery until I return on Friday. :( I hope you can all wait!

See ya, and thanks for reading. I wish you (again) a happy birthday, Mythy!


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