Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rhino Dunk

Heyo, and welcome to another great UPDATE DAY! :D

The Rhinos have returned at last! ^.^ They've been gone for almost two years by now, and they have finally arrived back home. Pick up a Rhino today!

Looks like we have a new Ocean Adventure! Wow, that whale in the picture is so huge... O.O Anyway, I'm guessing it's a very spooky and daring quest.

Ooh! A new Summer Carnival game is here: Dunk-A-Phantom.

The game is quite complicated, but I bet once you get the hang of it, it'll be pretty easy. The objective is to hit the center of the target and dunk the Phantom into the barrel of water. My high score is only 50. =P

Also, I can't wait for the new items to roll in! That 3D pizza looks so good. XD

All hats around Jamaa are on a big sale, and it appears we have a special Jamaaliday in July celebration in advance! You may ask, "Why is AJHQ putting a winter party in the middle of summer!?" In Australasia, people celebrate Christmas, or the Jamaalidays, in July. Their seasons are exactly opposite from us. So while we're having fun in the sun, they're snuggling by the fireplace.

Merry Jamaalidays, Australian players! :3

That's practically all the news for now, but as a good reminder....

THE CONTEST IS COMPLETE! Well, almost. I still have a few more things to finish, but I decided to start it NOW, since it's been nearly three weeks overdue.

Thank you for your fantabulous patience. I appreciate it. c:

Bye, and have a jamming day!


  1. You wrote "Australasia" instead of Australia, haha xD

    Mythy the bossy teacher

    1. Yeah, because Australasia is Australia, New Zealand, and all the other surrounding islands. I know my Australasia x3.

    2. Ooohhhhh so that's how you say it in english xD
      In french it's Océanie, yeah, exactly the same thing. xP



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