Saturday, July 5, 2014

Patched Penguins Go Home


I want to wish everyone a happy belated Freedom Day, since I was on vacation. But now I'm back, so....

Today's new item, along with yesterday's new item, is a Patched Couch and Chair!

They aren't bad items. They go perfect with the Patched Rug, though.

My friend Avalanche25000 wanted me to take this picture:

XD He meant to say bearded, but AJHQ wouldn't let him say that in the chat. I think. Good outfit there, Avalanche!

Here's a new graphic I found:

You can simply use this for blogs linking to the Home page, banners, backgrounds, invitations, and more. There are tons of uses for Animal Jam graphics. o3o

Remember AJSG (Animal Jam Scam Guard) and how the team overtook Embo0? Well, the talented group is now hiring! Contact creepersofthenethter on AJ by Jam-A-Gram, saying you want to sign up. He will take you through the interview whenever he is ready.

Lastly, carrot04's contest ends TODAY! Send your entries in to her by the end of the day!

See you!


  1. LOL, first comment and I'm Avalanche25000! To bad AJ wouldn't let me.

  2. Dat's right! It ends tonight! I will be handing out the prices probably tomarrow. Depends how long it takes me too boy the 2 other ones i forgot to buy :P! Im so trying out for the AJSG it sounds awesome! Plus, i hate scamming :) Its a big issue!

    -carrot04 <3

    1. Skylar (carrot04)July 6, 2014 at 7:57 AM

      >>:( GRR I only have 3 entrys for my contest... and its the end of it! Aparently, nobody even cares... :''( *sigh*

    2. Skylar (carrot04)July 6, 2014 at 7:59 AM

      Can you please log in sometime today so we can discuss what you need to post for my contest *sigh* I knew this contest would be epic fail D:

  3. Hey Nafaria, I'm thinking of hosting a small contest, and since my blog isn't ready yet (haha I'm too lazy to work on it xD), could you possibly post it here? Thanks :)


    1. The Mythical Contest ❤

      *Spoiler Warning!!"

      Hello fellow jammers! >:D
      I, Mythy, present the most epic contest of all times (haha).


      Most important thing first: the prize is blue shag carpet.
      Answer these ten questions.
      Pick a number from 1-25.
      Contest ends the 15th of July.
      You're allowed to do researches, because I obviously can't stop you cheaters from going on Wikipedia ಠ3ಠ, although some of these questions MIGHT require personal knowledge...

      Mehhehehhehehehe >=3

      Anyways, here are the questions!

      1. Warriors:
      Only one of the cats in the original series has a name with the name of one of the clans (not including the first leaders that founded the clans). Which cat is it?

      2. YouTube:
      Why did PewDiePie choose 'PewDiePie' for his YouTube username?

      3. Me:
      Which animal was my very first AJ avatar?

      4. Attack on Titan/SnK:
      What did Eren Jaeger say to Mikasa Ackerman when they were 9 and Eren was going to get killed?

      5. Attack on Titan/SnK
      What is the meaning of the emblem of the Survey Corps and what is the emblem?

      6. Music:
      For whom was the song 'I knew you were trouble' by T. Swift written for?

      7. Animal Jam:
      Who wrote the first AJ blog? Username(s) and main avatar's name needed.

      8. Warriors:
      Who tells Jayfeather there is a 4th cat?

      9. Attack on Titan/SnK:
      What did Captain Levi say to Eren Jaeger when he was being judged? It is one of the 'important' quotes.

      10. Last but not least >:D
      How many AJ username(s) did I have?
      Name it/them.

      Good luck ^3^


  4. naffy look up pompomkitty i think shes a hacker because she said who wants a glitch ring and she has about every single founder hat on her trade list

  5. NAFFEHHHYYY! I'm back :-D!

    ≧◠◡◠≦✌ biamorawesome~

  6. fman122 is back. his new user is uwillnothaveaj

  7. Wow. Ever since you hit 100,000 views Naffy, your blog has really taken off! I'm seeing like 12 comments on each post. Your views are multiplying like CRAZY! Congrats!!!!
    ~kittens1111=^. .^=

    1. @tig47498

      I'll check her out. :)


      Glad you are back!




      Thank you! ^.^

  8. uwillnothaveaj startedto spell it in his den!


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