Friday, July 25, 2014

I Now Have a Horse Coin.

It's true. Don't believe me? Visit my den.

I logged on just a few minutes ago and looked through my JAGs. I had a letter from girlsrule1012.

Her offer was this for my Beta Arctic Hood (there are only about 20 in existence today from active players):

We met at my den and I asked her these questions:

  • What is a Horse Coin worth?
  • What's a Beta Hood worth?
She told me a Horn Coin is worth a Founder+ and my Beta Hood was worth a little less her trade list. I accepted, because it's JUST A BUNCH OF PIXELS. ^.^

Although, I was kind of sad leaving my precious Beta Hood behind. :,(

Anyway, I came to her den and she had LOADS of Beta Items. I mean LOADS. I have a hunch she's a hacker/scammer, but you never know...

Anyway, that's the story of how I traded my Beta Hood. owo

Wanna hear the story of how I GOT my Beta Hood?

Okay, well, do you ever sometimes just randomly click on people and trade them for an item on their list rapidly?

I did that to a girl with a freakin' Beta Hood on her trade. o-o So I offered her a heart locket and a Crystal Greely Statue, and what did she do?


That was the same day Mel buddied me, by the way. XD

I was so surprised...

I'm on a roll.... lol....

Bye.... :P


  1. naffy dont you feel sad you traded a hood that was amemory of when you first met mel?

    1. Kind of, but with or without items, Mel will always be in my heart. C:

    2. Oh you ♥

      I always wanted to see a horse coin in a den, I'll check it out when I come online (also I still want my beta hood back)

  2. owo
    I personaly think that horse coins are weird x3
    I like the mask and the spike though o3o


  3. Hurhur new profile name :33


  4. Hi there Nafaria. so glad you did not quit. i saw your rafiki's quote post, its very lovely. i might go back, and i might start over again. oh yeah.hows AJ so far? is creepers still bothering you? when i saw you creepers post i was like what the heck is wrong with him. see ya naffy!

    Your Good Long lost friend,
    ~Mistybreeze472 (well i still call that my user :))

  5. i have 5 artichoods :O and i'm pretty sure there are more than 20?


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