Friday, March 28, 2014

April Fool's!

Hi Jammers! The month is luring to an end, and that means April Fool's Day is coming up! What are some wacky things and pranks you've heard of?

Since I don't think the new item has been released yet or whatever, I'm just going to go with the post.

Anyway, I have a book filled with funny pranks to pull off for April Fool's. Don't worry, they're safe! I have one to share with you, though.

It's called the Lucky Penny trick.

If you're really generous, use a dime or a nickel. Perhaps even a quarter!

Superglue the coin to a sidewalk people tend to walk on a lot. A busy sidewalk, that is.

Hide behind a tree, bush, or some other place and watch your victims pass by and try to pick up the coin. When they realize they can't, have a good giggle! :3

Anyway, the April Fool's Party 2014 went on yesterday. Here are some pictures chocolate4050 collected:

Pretty cool stuff! Shame there's only 2 NM things. >.<

There is also a new code, which I think most of us know what it is by now. The code was released as a thank-you for being patient with the new updates AJHQ was putting in Jamaa that one day. The code is obviously THANKS, but it gives out some Imprisoned Phantoms. Hey, same code as one year for the same reason.

Go ahead and use it!
I want to let you know I won't be posting tomorrow through Thursday. I may be able to post Friday. My birthday is in 8 days! Yippee! :D

Also, tell me if you find out anything else about Wildcats or Panncakess. Maybe even wingofthesun's hack, back in December 2013.

Bye for now! Thanks for reading.


  1. I found out something about Pann that you didn't C:




    1. Panncakess is the figure I saw, not Panncakes. -.-

    2. Maybe they're the same person. o-o

    3. Umm, Nafaria? Were you just on.. with a party hat on? You looked awfully weird. I unbuddied you for safe measures. If you're fine, just reply to my comment.
      ~ animals352

    4. Yeah.... I didn't take away all of my rares. I left the ones I truly don't want.

    5. O_O
      I only know of Panncakes... /)3(\
      This hacking stuff is really scaring me ):
      I'm afraid if I get hacked I might loose some of my good AJ friends and my beloved Pablo Jr. (a green NM dragon mask that I'm gonna transfer to S******) C:

      MythCat Swag de Poule ©NormanFaitDesVid√©os

  2. I buddied Panncakess on a side account and tracked her.
    1. She went to "copeland" den.
    2. She went to "Inside" den. Funny thing about Inside though; when I looked him up, his player card was gray. When I went to Inside's den, and clicked on Inside's name in the corner, his player card wasn't gray. WHAT?!
    3. She went to "PetalLeaf" den.
    4. She went to her den. (Panncakess's den is completely empty, BTW.)
    5. She went to her own den. (I followed.)
    6. She went to "XxProffesionalPancakesxX" den.
    7. She came back to her own den. (I was still there.) she walked up to me, I fled to Sarepia Forest and hid.

    1. I followed Pann to Evee's den. Evee was there, saying she was quitting. (D:) But the weirdest thing of all?
      Pann was sitting there, watching Evee say goodbyes, and Pann said, "NO..."
      Pann was upset that Evee was quitting, and Evee didn't react to Pann being there.
      PS This is all true. I saw it on my side account.
      PPSS Pann kept wanting to see copeland.
      PPPSSS Pann is now in "Burryburst" den.

    2. Now, after going to Burryburst's den, Pann traveled to "____pancake" den (I can'tremember the first part of that guys username! D:), then went to "Thelostpotato" den.

    3. Now she's in "mudhens7890" den. (Sorry if I'm spamming. D:) Then, Panncakess went to Jamaa Township and logged off.
      Does anyone know any of these jammers that Panncakess is talking to? (The only conversation I saw that Panncakess had was the one with Eevee. And all these people that Pann is talking to are rare.)

    4. Then she got back on and went to the April's Fools party, then to Coral Canyons. That's when I logged off.
      (Sorry if I'm spamming! I'm really sorry if this is spamming! D:)

    5. I've heard about PetalLeaf before, and I know about XxProffesionnalPancakesxX O3O
      I have to mention that Pann is actually quite famous (he was, for example, in Twinkle0122's 2 first episodes of "Help"--a series that she stopped making :C).


    6. Yah cope land is famous for being almost as nice as snowyclaw. Pancakess was hacked by abra, and sometimes abra uses his account, but most times it's just him on there, and he is a pretty nice person.
      - rascalcat

    7. Oh, huh... I saw Burryburst suggest that copeland might hack... But it's not for certain that she hacks. Also, I'm pretty certain it was Panncakes in that video, not Panncakess. :) And I still don't get what's going on with Eevee, I went to Eevee's den today and there was Moondirt flooring in Eevee's den, and I think Moondirt's beta, but I thought Eevee was hacked all his rares. I'm really confused... :T

    8. I think maybe who ever hacked eevee, namely Taxe, is also using his acc to hack other people.


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