Saturday, March 22, 2014

Peck Nesting Doll and Party

Hi Jammers! I'm sorry for not posting yesterday, as I would have. :) Today's new items are Peck Nesting Dolls, sold in Epic Wonders.

Peck doesn't look like she's being herself in these dolls. O.O

In a couple weeks my birthday will be here, so I will host a party and a contest for that. ^.^ Just a little heads-up.

My friend creepersofthenethter has found a possible hacker for Misty, if any of you are still investigating that mystery. One of them, perhaps the likeliest of all, is named Uncursable. Uncurse has a lot of Betas in his den and is insanely rare in items. Yet there's another strange story to the other likely hacker, prim2766. Creeper was on an alt one night and snuck into Prim's den. They were talking about scamming! Once they spotted Creeper's alt, they knew what they had trained for. When he logged off of the alternate account for less than a minute, he only logged back on to find that his items were gone.

Anyway, REMEMBER THAT THE PARTY IS TODAY! I don't think anyone knows that, since nobody has really commented on it! If you are available please plan on coming! It'll be fun! :)

Alright, this post has been long overdue. Bye!


  1. GONNA SAY IT TO MYSELF OVER AND OVER. Party is at six FOR ME. Party is at six FOR ME. Party is at six FOR ME. Party is at five FOR ME.

  2. :O That hacking story... That's scary... Ooh, Uncursable, watch out!

  3. Sorry, I can't come to the party. :(

  4. o-o
    -Hides in a corner and cries-
    NU NU NU Dx
    Wait, the party.. o-o


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