Saturday, March 15, 2014

Scamming Protest! :D

Hello Jammers! Today's the big day! If you are coming, are you excited? We're gonna kick those scammers' butts. >:3

Today's returning items are the Graham Nesting Dolls and the Clover Skirt.

I like both of these. The dolls came out last week, disappeared, and came back again. O.o

Okay! So, here are the details for the protest:

  • Color. I think we should all dress up white or pastel, tinted colors, since it's like light versus dark.
  • If Jamaa Township is too full, go into the next land filled with Jammers and start off a protest there. The bigger the better! ^.^
  • The protest will run about a half an hour, but you can have your own personal rant stay for as long as you'd like. I'm just saying that I'll be there for a half an hour. :)
Also remember to have fun! :B

Last night I made two more graphics...

I know, super-bad job, right? But, I'm still getting new to the editor. 

Lastly, take a peek at this:


Okay, bye!

~nafaria9 who doesn't feel like using a sig today. 


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