Saturday, March 1, 2014

Aquamarine Birthstone

Hi Jammers! I had motioned to sleep in today, but I woke up anyway. I'm glad I did, because my friend's party is today. ^.^ I had another party scheduled for tomorrow, but sadly I can't come. ;(

Today's returning item for the beginning of March 2014 is the Aquamarine Birthstone, sold only for this month!

Aquamarine has always been a color favorite of mine. How about you? What's your favorite color? And what's your birthstone? Mine is a diamond. My birthday is coming up in about 4 weeks!

Here is a fun photo of my Webkinz:

That's an overview of Cheeky's room.

I have a pretty big house, with rooms mostly separate each for my (at least) 70 pets. Some rooms are room for the fun of it, including a restaurant, a gym, a nursery, 3 rollercoasters, a dressing room, a theater, a salon, a forest, and even a Nafaria room with posters colliding the wall!

Ow. Yesterday I got 3 shots in my arms, and they hurrrrt bad.

Well, I gotta go. See ya!


  1. 3 shots? Ow! I've had that happen to me. >.<
    I don't know what my favorite color is... Maybe it's a sea-green, or a deep, rich brown. And I like purple. And my birthstone is Aquamarine! :3

  2. We have hundreds of rooms- no joke. We've been playing since it first came out. Our user is renee2277. We have about 50 webkinz.

    NOT exagerating.

  3. can someone plz send me a aquamarine stone my bday this month i will send someting back fluffybunny326 :)

  4. I recently joined webkinz, I'm CherryPhantom6

  5. Shots? Oww... I had the same ones a while ago. My birthstone is the Turquoise. Oh, and happy really, really, really, really early birthday!

  6. My favorite color is pink. Durrr XD

  7. Meh. Mai fav' colors are dark blue, dark purple, neon pinkand black. c:
    Mai birthstone ish le ruby. c:
    Random fact: Mai style ish:
    1. Desigual
    2. Desigual
    3. Veritas
    4. Desigual

    Mythy who loves random smileys c:

  8. Aquamarine has always been my favorite! Maybe its partly due to being my birthstone! lol

  9. I'm a topaz!!


    I have really bad news!
    So yesterday I got into a fight with somebody cause he said "Girls are weak" and what not. Anywho this little seal was like "Jam Nice!" "Nice Jammers Make the Best Buddies!" "The Block button is always an option!" So I think ajhq is stalking us O_O

    I hate how they say stuff like that. I was like "Not everybody is gonna agree and you know that!" I hate it when they try to make everyone "Peachy Little Friends"


  10. OMG I HAVE AN ACOUNT ON WEBKINZ 2!!!!!!!!!!!!! my user is CMO3rd 4 webkinz and CMO1st 4 animal jam XD and my birth stone is turquoise XD


  11. my birthstone is Peridot o3o and my fav color is ice blue :3


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