Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Goodbye, Miscievious.... :(

Everyone: Please read. Due to a slight change in life, the party has been canceled and rescheduled for this Saturday at the exact place and time as before. Thanks!

Hi Jammers! Today's returning item is the Jester Hat, supposedly here for the upcoming April Fool's Day!

Odd that it doesn't have a New Sign on it, like all of the other new items do.

Yesterday's RIM had a really, really cool glitch which was soon removed later on in the day. When you recycled the Rare Tux, you'd get more gems than you had paid for it! It was nearly 8,000 gems that you'd get. What a deal!

Unfortunately, we have some sad news to uncover. My great friend miscievious123123 (who most of you should know after the hacking incident with Misty) is quitting, possibly along with her dear sister. :,( I'll miss her so much, everyday from when the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. So many of my buddies are fading away.....

Goodbye, Miscievious and Funpop. *sad face*

Enough of the sad stuff, it's making me feel bad.

Anyway! I made a new profile picture that I might use...

As you can tell I am getting bored of my profile picture, but I want it to be a picture of Nafaria. If anyone can make a graphic of that nefarious, purple fairy, that'd be AWESOME! :D

Okay, piano lesson time now. Toodles!


  1. i will miss you mischievous! behind every mountain there is a rainbow. -cyacheer

  2. I'm sorry about mischievous :(
    Nafi, I have not purchased an emerald ring yet- it is on clearance also. I will not be able o get on untill Thursday, and then the update will happen and I won't get it. Could you maybe buy it for me and I will trade you for it or u can send it if u want to?

    1. I will! I'll send it to you today!

  3. I can maybe make graphics for you if you tell me what you need

    btw im meloetta

    1. Heyo mel. :)

      Thanks for the offer, that'd be amazing. c: If you see this fairy as my profile pic, that's Nafaria. If you could make a graphic of her-just le fairy- that'd be.. amazing. Like before. XD

    2. Hm image seems a bit blurry so it will be hard to work with but I can try I guess

  4. I can make you a graphic! Just tell me exactly what you want. I will be able to make it without wi-fi. I just need to put the pictures on a flash drive.

  5. I can make a PICTURE of Nafaria, not a grafic :P
    I'm so sorry Mis quit, I was starting to really like her... ):


  6. Nuu, Mischevious and Funpop, I'll miss you like a cheeseburger misses cheese! :( I'm so sorry about all the times I may have been rude or ignorant to you guys, I feel so sad! :(
    ~scree53 & scree35

  7. Here's the URL of your profile pic:


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