Saturday, March 8, 2014

60,000 Views :D

Hello Jammers! Today's returning item is the festive Leprechaun Hat, sold in Jam Mart Clothing.

It may not be my favorite item, but Lucky Day isn't Lucky Day without it. ;)

Yesterday evening this blog reached 60,000 views! :D

Oh my G-O-S-H! XP

I'll be organizing a party invitation and contest within the next week. 

I don't think there's any possible way to thank you guys SO MUCH! Only 40,000 more views until we get 100,000 views! 

And it seemed like 50,000 views was just a few days ago. O.o

To celebrate I made a graphic of the old loading screen world. Weird present, right?

I hope it's okay. I'm not an expert like numnum13 or vms915, duh. The shape of the world just happened to be the right shape. :3

On another note (a very sad note), it is believed that my friend Mistybreeze472 was hacked. I was first chatting with my friend Miscievious when a shaky Misty walked in. She didn't explain a lot, but I think we got a little of the picture.

For some odd reason, I felt like Misty wasn't acting herself. I think it was either because she was super nervous and didn't want to type like she used to, or Misty wasn't Misty at all.

Then later we found out that the hacker had only taken her clothing rares. She had less den rares, yes, but hackers usually take all items. In fact, WHY would someone want to hack Misty? WHY would he/she take only clothes? WHY would ANYONE hack ANYBODY!?

Miscievious and I are investigating this crime.

Anyway, I hope everyone is liking my new art blog! You will see a paintbrush on a side of the blog. Click it to get to the site.

Thanks for reading, goodbye friends! :P


  1. Thanks for calling me an expert!

    *finishes the post*

    NUUUUUUU! Is Misty a member? Is she accepting donations?

  2. :D :D :D CONGRATS!!!! 60000 Views is a lot! I predict that you will get 100000 views by the middle of the summer. :D

    It feels weird... XD
    There is a new hacker on the run. Using lastpass or a jailbroken device is not cool!

  3. Congrats!! 60,000 views! :D
    I like the world graphic. It looks great!
    Wha?! Misty hacked?!?! Nu! AHH! I'm so sorry Misty.... D:

      Look at that post in Sol Lucet in Jamaa; hive309. I'm going to remember that. Someone who's hive309 said they were misty.

    2. :OOOOO

      I'm so so so so scared now. *deleted misty*

    3. Either Hive hacked Misty, or Misty was pretending to be hacked and hacked Hive. I could be totally wrong. It could be someone trying to mess up friendships. I am so scared. o_o

    4. OMZ it says hive309 doesn't exist.. O_O
      I'm so scared. /).O

  4. I had a theroy. I thought maybe the hacker was playing on Misty's account when we saw her. She was acting very wierd. She went on a new jammer account and said that it was still her. Then she asked us to give her stuff. I was really confused. I thought maybe, the hacker created a new account to get some items of us, because she said she got hacked. Then we asked her to go on her orginal account. She went on, and acted really wierd.

  5. I'm not sure who Misty is, but to be honest with you this sounds pretty fishy.

    Hive309 could indeed exist! See this morning I made a new storage acc, and when I tried to search the user, it wouldn't pop up. It simply said.. "This jammer does not exist." Strange huh? So hive could be knew or could be a side account.

    Also it could be possible that Hive is Misty. Cause once I got hacked, I picked myself up and started fresh.

    I also have a strange theory:

    What if it just so happens that fman started fresh and became hive!
    All great hackers probably started small before tackling masses, so fman wants to start terror as a seed then watch it grow into something ugly and horrid.

    Theory 2:
    Hive could be sb02, I mean think about. He hacked gingerwingz who was your friend, and you even saw him once and he made a small comment on your lava glove. Perhaps he's trying to get to you? Trying to make you run away in terror so he can hack you smooth and easy?

    Those are my theories. This is very very very strange though. Why would someone want to hack misty? Why? Did somebody have it out for her? I wonder....


    ~A monster that hides in your fruit loops

  6. Wow, congratulations on your 60,000 views on your blog, Nafaria! And I wish you all the luck on getting 100,000 views! Total support!

    Oh, and this comment is like, a 2014 comment. I'm just scrolling down on some old posts of yours (I LOVE 'em!).

    Thank you! And once again, congratulations! ~♥biamorawesome♥~

    1. Haha! Thanks for viewing! :) I love compliments on my blog.


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