Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Stars and Medics

Hi Jammers! Today's returning item for the Lucky Day, which is coming up very soon, is a Clover Trident!

I love how spring is coming up. Warm weather, animals return, blue skies.... yeah, the winter was fun, but now we see beautiful, nice days arriving gradually. ^.^

I have two banners for everyone to look at:

I wish for you all to make it!

Remember to read the post down below about embo0. He's a dangerous person, and I want every Jammer to be warned.

Anyway, have you ever wondered what these stars are for?

These stars are just another piece of Jamaa's remaining, rich history. What are they for, what are they made of? Are they important to us, perhaps they could be powerful emblems made of Spirit Stones? Maybe they're one of the parts of Jamaa that is drifting away, like the Spirit Stones?

Any guesses? I'm clueless. :P

Moving on to another quick subject...

This was the original Medical Center, before it was replaced with the Sol Arcade in 2012. It was a calm, peaceful area, like the Pillow Room. The Pillow Room is SUPPOSED to be a relaxing place to chill out, like the Medical Center. But then, people started doing "sleep and hop", and all of those disturbing gross things. I think they removed it because of that. People went too far.

Same thing with the Pillow Room! At least the Pillow Room is used for adopting animals (sometimes kids but-I mean, bleh), but it wasn't removed. Not as many Jammers are doing disgusting things like hopping and sleeping in the Pillow Room, so that's one reason it's still there.

Goodbye friends!


  1. Aldan would be a better server, since that's where all the "rare" ppl are and also the braggers and scammers and stuff.

    KittyCat reading Ancient Greek Myths

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Aldan is far to full, and on a weekend especially. We wouldn't be able to get into Jamaa township.

  2. Yay the March 18th Party is ACTUALLY at a time I can COME at! :D
    Lol I do not remember that medical room... I started playing AJ in August or 2011 so I should have remembered... lol oh well XP and what do u mean by sleep and hop?

    ~QTAngel <3


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